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From the Apostles to the Textus Receptus

35-95 AD

The Apostles and their Manuscripts

When did the Apostles write the New Testament?

60-313 AD

The Christian Persecutions

The early Christian church suffered many persecutions for our Lord's name

312-337 AD


The first Christian Emperor and his achievements for Christianity

325 AD

The Council of Nicaea

The affirmation of the Holy Trinity against the heresy of Arianism

330-1453 AD

The Byzantine Empire

Where was God's word before the Textus Receptus?

330-1453 AD

The Byzantine Orthodox Church

The manuscripts of the Byzantine Church

350-1516 AD

Byzantine Priority

A Case for Byzantine Priority

337 AD

The Byzantine and Roman Empires

After Constantine died the Roman Empire split into East and West

555 AD

Byzantine Empire 555 AD

During the reign of Justinian I (527–565 AD), the Empire reached its greatest extent

337-1453 AD

Byzantine Scriptoriums

Byzantine monasteries housed the majority of the great scriptoriums of the Byzantine era.

1095 AD

The Crusades

All the Crusade had to pass through Constantinople and the heart of the Byzantine Empire

1453 AD

The Fall of Constantinople

The end of the Byzantine Empire in 1453 AD.

1516 AD

Erasmus and the Textus Receptus

The real story of Erasmus and the Textus Receptus

1516 AD

Erasmus and the Renaissance

It would take centuries for scholars to realize that Erasmus had collated variants from Byzantine manuscripts

1517 AD

The Start of the Reformation

An English translation of Martin Luther's 95 These


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