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Matthew's Bible 1537



31:1And Iacob hearde the wordes of Labans sonnes howe they sayed: Iacob hathe taken awaye all that was our fathers & of our fathers goods hath he gotten all hys honour.
31:2And Iacob beheld the countenaunce of Laban, that it was not toward hym as it was in tymes paste.
31:3And the Lorde sayed vnto Iacob: turne agayne into the Land of thy fathers & to thy kynred, & I wyll be wyth the.
31:4Then Iacob sent & called Rahell & Lea to the fyelde vnto hys shepe,
31:5& sayd vnto them: I se your fathers countenaunce, that it is not towarde me as in tymes past. Moreouer the god of my father hath bene wyth me.
31:6And ye know how that I haue serued your father with al mi might.
31:7And your father hath deceyued me, & chaunged mi wages .x. times: but God suffred him not to hurt me.
31:8When he sayed the spotted shall be thy wages, then all the sheepe were spotted. If he sayd the straked shall be thy reward, then were all the shepe straked:
31:9thus hath God taken away your fathers cattel & geuen them me.
31:10For in bucking tyme I lifted vp myne eyes, & sawe in a dreame, & beholde the rammes that bucked the shepe were straked spotted, & party.
31:11And the angel of god spake vnto me in a dreame, saiyng: Iacob? And I answered: here am I.
31:12And he sayed lyft vp thine eyes & se, howe al the rammes that leape vpon the shepe are straked, spotted & party: for I haue sene al that Laban doth vnto th
31:13I am the god of Bethel wher thou anointedst the stone, & wher thou vowedst a vow vnto me. Now arise & get the out of this country, & return vnto the land wher thou was borne.
31:14Then answered Rahell & Lea, & sayed vnto him: we haue no parte nor enheritaunce in oure fathers house,
31:15he counteth vs euen vs straungers, for he hath solde vs, & hath euen eaten vp the price of vs.
31:16Moreouer al the riches which God hath taken from our father, that is ours & our children. Nowe therfore whatsoeuer God hath sayd vnto the that do.
31:17Then Iacob rose vp, & sett his sonnes & wyues vp vpon camels,
31:18& caried away al his cattel & al his substaunce which he had gotten in Mesopotamia, for to go to Isaac his father vnto the land of Canaan.
31:19Laban was gone to shere his shepe, & Rahel had stolen hir fathers images.
31:20And Iacob stale away the herte of Laban the Syrien, in that he tolde hym not that he fledde.
31:21So fled he and all that he had, and made hym selfe readye, and passed ouer the ryuers, and sette hys face strayght ouer the mounte Gilead.
31:22Vpon the third day after, was it told Laban that Iacob fled.
31:23Then he toke his brethren wt him & folowed after hym .vij. dayes iourney, & ouertoke him at the mount Gilead.
31:24And God came to Laban the Syrian in a dreame by nyght, & sayd vnto him: take hede to thy selfe, that thou speake not to Iacob ought saue good.
31:25And Laban ouertoke Iacob: & Iacob had pitched his tent in the mount. And Laban wt hys brethren pytched their tent also vpon the mounte Giliad.
31:26Then sayd Laban to Iacob: Why hast thou thys done to steale awaye my herte, and carye awaye my daughters as though thei had bene take captyue wt the swerde?
31:27Wherfore wentest thou away secreatly vnknowne to me, and didest not tel me, that I might haue brought the on the way wt myrth, singyng, timrels and harpes,
31:28& haste not suffered me to kisse my chyldren & my daughters? Thou wast a fole to do it,
31:29for I am able to do you euyl. But the God of youre father spake vnto me yesterday saying: take hede that thou speake not to Iacob ought saue good.
31:30And now thoughe thou wentest away, bicause thou longest after thi fathers house, yet wherfore hast thou stolen my Goddes.
31:31Iacob answered & sayed to Laban: bicause I was afraied, & thought that thou woldest haue taken away thy daughters fro me.
31:32But with whomesoeuer thou findest thy Gods, let hym dye here before our brethren. Seke that thyne is by me, & take it to the: for Iacob wist not that Rahel had stolen them.
31:33Then went Laban into Iacobs tente, & into Leas tente, & into .ii. maddens tentes: but founde them not. Then went he out of Leas tent, & entred into Rahels tente.
31:34And Rahel toke the Images & put them in the camels strawe & sate downe vpon them. And Laban searched all the tente but found them not.
31:35Then sayd she to hir father, my Lorde, be not angrye that I can not ryse vp before the, for the disease of women is come vpon me. So searched he but found them not.
31:36Iacob was wrooth & chode with Laban. Iacob also answered and sayd to him: what haue I trespaced or what haue I offended, that thou folowest after me?
31:37Thou hast searched all my stuffe, and what hast thou founde of al thy houshold stuffe? put it here before thy brethren & myne, & let them Iudge betwexte vs both.
31:38Thys .xx. yere that I haue bene wt the thy shepe, & thy gotes haue not bene barren, & the rammes of thy flocke haue I not eaten.
31:39Whatsoeuer was torne of beastes I brought it not vnto the, but made it good mi selfe of my hande dyddest thou requyre it, whether it was stollen by day or nyght.
31:40Moreouer by daye the heate consumed me, and the colde by nyghte, and my slepe departed fro myne eyes.
31:41Thus haue I bene .xx. yere in thy house, & serued the .xiiij. yeres for thy .ij. daughters and .vi. yere for thy shepe, & thou hast chaunged my rewarde .x. tymes.
31:42And excepte the God of my father, the God of Abraham, & the God whome Isaac feareth, had bene wyth me: surely thou haddest sent me away now al empty. But God beheld my tribulation, and the labour of my handes: and rebuked the yesterdaye.
31:43Laban answered & sayed vnto Iacob: the daughters are my daughters, & the children are my chyldren, & the shepe are my shepe, & al that thou seest is myne. And what can I do thys day vnto these my doughters, or vnto their children which thei haue borne?
31:44Now therfore come on: let vs make a bond, I and thou togyther, & let it be a wytnes betwene the & me.
31:45Then toke Iacob a stone and set it vp an ende,
31:46and sayed vnto his brethren, gather stones. And they toke stones, & made an heape, and they ate ther vpon the heape.
31:47And Laban called it Iegar Sahadutha, but Iacob called it Gilead.
31:48Then sayed Laban: thys heape be wytnes betwene the & me this day (therfore is it called Gilead)
31:49& this totehil which the Lord seeth (sayd he) be wytnesse betwene me and the when we are departed one from another
31:50that thou shalt not vexe my daughters neyther shalt take other wyues vnto them. Here is no man wyth vs: behold God is wytnes betwyxt the and me.
31:51And Laban sayd more ouer to Iacob: beholde, this heape and thys marke whych I had set here, betwyxte me, & the:
31:52this heape be wytnesse & also this marke that I wyll not come ouer this heape to the, & thou shalte not come ouer thys heape and marke to do any harme.
31:53The God of Abraham, the God of Nahor, & the God of their fathers be Iudge betwyxt vs. And Iacob sware by him that his father Isaac feared.
31:54Then Iacob did sacrifice vpon the mounte, and called hys brethren to eate bread. And they ate breade & taried al nyght in the hyll.
31:55And early in the morning Laban rose vp & kyssed hys chyldren and his daughters, & blessed them & departed and went vnto hys place agayne.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.