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1 Thessalonians 5:15

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Textus Receptus (Stephanus 1550)

G3708 See ορατε
G3361   μη
G5100 that none τις
G2556 evil κακον
G473 for αντι
G2556 evil κακου
G5100 unto any τινι
G591 render αποδω
G235 man but αλλα
G3842 ever παντοτε
G3588   το
G18 that which is good αγαθον
G1377 follow διωκετε
G2532 both και
G1519 among εις
G240 yourselves αλληλους
G2532 and και
G1519 to εις
G3956 all παντας

King James Bible (Oxford 1769)

G5100 none
G591 render
G2556 evil
G473 for
G2556 evil
G235 but
G3842 ever
G1377 follow
G18 good
G2532 both
G1519 among
G240 yourselves

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Greek-English Dictionary

Strongs: G3708
Greek: ὁράω
Transliteration: horaō
Pronunciation: hor-ah'-o
Part of Speech: Verb
Bible Usage: behold perceive see take heed.

by extension to attend to; by Hebraism to experience; passively to appear

1. to see with the eyes

2. to see with the mind, to perceive, know

3. to see, i.e. become acquainted with by experience, to experience

4. to see, to look to

a. to take heed, beware

b. to care for, pay heed to

5. I was seen, showed myself, appeared

Thayer's Greek–English Lexicon
of the New Testament 1889
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.