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Jay P. Green's Literal Translation 1993



2:1I lifted up my eyes again and looked, and, behold, A man, and a measuring line in his hand!
2:2And I said, Where are you going? And he said to me, To measure Jerusalem, to see what is its breadth and what its length.
2:3And, behold, the angel who was talking with me went out, and another angel went out to meet him,
2:4and said to him, Run, speak to this young man, saying, Jerusalem shall be inhabited, as towns without walls, for the multitude of men and livestock in her midst.
2:5And I will be to her a wall of fire all around, and I will be for glory in her midst, declares Jehovah.
2:6Ho! Ho! Flee then from the land of the north, says Jehovah. For I have scattered you as the four winds of the heavens, declares Jehovah.
2:7Ho, O Zion! Escape, you who live with the daughter of Babylon.
2:8For so says Jehovah of hosts: He has sent Me after glory, to the nations who plundered you; for he who touches you touches the pupil of His eye.
2:9For, behold, I will shake My hand over them, and they shall be a prize for their servants. And you shall know that Jehovah has sent Me.
2:10Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion. For, lo, I come; and I will dwell among you, says Jehovah.
2:11And many nations shall be joined to Jehovah in that day, and they shall be My people. And I will dwell among you; and you shall know that Jehovah of hosts has sent Me to you.
2:12And Jehovah shall possess Judah, His portion in the holy land, and He shall again choose Jerusalem.
2:13All flesh, be silent before Jehovah. For He is raised up out of His holy habitation.
Green's Literal Translation 1993

Green's Literal Translation 1993

Green's Literal Translation (Literal Translation of the Holy Bible - LITV), is a translation of the Bible by Jay P. Green, Sr., first published in 1985. The LITV takes a literal, formal equivalence approach to translation. The Masoretic Text is used as the Hebrew basis for the Old Testament, and the Textus Receptus is used as the Greek basis for the New Testament.

Green's Literal Translation (LITV). Copyright 1993
by Jay P. Green Sr.
All rights reserved. Jay P. Green Sr.,
Lafayette, IN. U.S.A. 47903.