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William Tyndale Bible 1534

New Testament



1:1Paul an Apostle of Iesu Christ by the wyll of God and brother Timotheus.
1:22To the sayntes which are at Colossa and brethren that beleve in Christ.Grace be with you and peace from God oure father and from the Lorde Iesus Christ.
1:3We geve thankes to God the father of oure Lorde Iesus Christ alwayes prayenge for you
1:4sence we hearde of youre faith which ye have in Christ Iesu and of the love which ye beare to all sayntes
1:5for the hopes sake which is layde vp in store for you in heven of which hope ye have herde before by ye true worde of the gospell
1:6which is come vnto you eve as it is in to all ye worlde and is frutefull as it is amoge you fro the fyrst daye in ye which ye herde of it and had experiece in ye grace of God in the trueth
1:7as ye learned of Epaphra oure deare felowe servaunt which is for you a faythfull minister of Christ
1:8which also declared vnto vs youre love which ye have in the sprete.
1:9For this cause we also sence the daye we herde of it have not ceasyd prayinge for you and desyringe that ye myght be fulfilled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdome and spretuall vnderstodynge
1:10that ye myght walke worthy of the lorde in all thynges that please beynge frutfull in all good workes and encreasynge in ye knowledge of God
1:11strengthed with all myght thorowe hys glorious power vnto all pacience and longe sufferynge with ioyfulnes
1:12gevynge thankes vnto the father which hath made vs mete to be part takers of the enheritaunce of sainctes in light.
1:13Which hath delivered vs from the power of dercknes and hath translated vs in to the kyngdome of his dere sone
1:14in whom we have redempcion thurow his bloud that is to saye the forgevenes of sinnes
1:15which is the ymage of the invisible god fyrst begotten of all creatures.
1:16For by him were all thynges created thynges that are in heven and thynges that are in erth: thynges visible and thynges invisible: whether they be maieste or lordshippe ether rule or power. All thinges are creatyd by hym and in him
1:17and he is before all thinges and in him all thynges have their beynge.
1:18And he is the heed of the body that is to wit of the congregacion: he is the begynnynge and fyrst begotten of the deed that in all thynges he might have the preeminence.
1:19For it pleased the father that in him shuld all fulnes dwell
1:20and by him to reconcile all thynge vnto him silfe and to set at peace by him thorow the bloud of his crosse both thynges in heven and thynges in erth.
1:21And you (which were in tymes past straungers and enymes because youre myndes were set in evyll workes) hath he now recocilied
1:22in ye body of his flesshe thorowe deeth to make you holy vnblameable and with out faut in his awne syght
1:23yf ye continue grounded and stablysshed in the fayth and be not moved awaye from the hope of the gospell wher of ye have herde howe that it is preached amonge all creatures which are vnder heven wher of I Paul am made a minister.
1:24Now ioye I in my soferinges which I suffre for you and fulfill that which is behynde of the passions of Christ in my flesshe for his bodies sake which is the congregacion
1:25wher of I am made a minister acordynge to the ordinaunce of god which ordinaunce was geven me vnto you warde to fulfill ye worde of god
1:26that mistery hid sence the worlde beganne and sence ye begynnynge of generacions: but now is opened to his saynctes
1:27to whom god wolde make knowen the glorious riches of this mistery amonge the gentyls which riches is Christ in you the hope of glory
1:28whom we preach warnynge all men and teachinge all men in all wisdome to make all men parfect in Christ Iesu.
1:29Wherin I also laboure and stryve even as farforth as hys workynge worketh in me myghtely.
Tyndale Bible 1534

William Tyndale Bible 1534

William Tyndale was the first man to ever print the New Testament in the English language. Tyndale also went on to be the first to translate much of the Old Testament from the original Hebrew into English, but he was executed in 1536 for the "crime" of printing the scriptures in English before he could personally complete the printing of an entire Bible. His friends Myles Coverdale, and John [Thomas Matthew] Rogers, managed to evade arrest and publish entire Bibles in the English language for the first time, and within one year of Tyndale's death. These Bibles were primarily the work of William Tyndale.