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John Wycliffe Bible 1382



3:1Bigynnen we therfor eftsoone to preise vs silf? or whether we neden, as summen, pistlis of preisinge to you, or of you?
3:2Ye ben oure pistle, writun in oure hertis, which is knowun and red of alle men,
3:3and maad opyn, for ye ben the pistle of Crist mynystrid of vs, and writun, not with enke, but bi the spirit of the lyuynge God; not in stony tablis, but in fleischli tablis of herte.
3:4For we han such trist bi Crist to God;
3:5not that we ben sufficient to thenke ony thing of vs, as of vs, but oure sufficience is of God.
3:6Which also made vs able mynystris of the newe testament, not bi lettre, but bi spirit; for the lettre sleeth, but the spirit quykeneth.
3:7And if the mynystracioun of deth write bi lettris in stoonys was in glorie, so that the children of Israel myyten not biholde in to the face of Moises, for the glorie of his cheer, which is auoidid,
3:8hou schal not the mynystracioun of the spirit be more in glorie?
3:9For if the mynystracioun of dampnacioun was in glorie, myche more the mynysterie of riytwisnesse is plenteuouse in glorie.
3:10For nether that that was cleer was glorified in this part for the excellent glorie; and if that that is auoidid,
3:11was bi glorie, myche more that that dwellith stille is in glorie.
3:12Therfor we that han suche hope, vsen myche trist;
3:13and not as Moises leide a veil on his face, that the children of Israel schulden not biholde in to his face, which veil is auoidid.
3:14But the wittis of hem ben astonyed; for in to this dai the same veil in reding of the olde testament dwellith not schewid, for it is auoidid in Crist, but in to this dai,
3:15whanne Moises is red, the veil is put on her hertis.
3:16But whanne Israel schal be conuertid to God, the veil schal be don awei.
3:17And the spirit is the Lord; and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is fredom.
3:18And alle we that with open face seen the glorie of the Lord, ben transformed in to the same ymage, fro clerenesse in to clerenesse, as of the spirit of the Lord.
John Wycliffe Bible 1382

John Wycliffe Bible 1382

The Wycliffe Bible is the only Bible here that was not translated from the Textus Receptus. Its inclusion here is for the Bible's historic value and for comparison in the English language.

John Wycliffe, an Oxford professor produced the first hand-written English language Bible manuscripts in the 1380's. While it is doubtful Wycliffe himself translated the versions that bear his name, he certainly can be considered the driving force behind the project. He strongly believed in having the scriptures available to the people.

Wycliffe, was well-known throughout Europe for his opposition to the teaching of the organized Church, which he believed to be contrary to the Bible. With the help of his followers (called Lollards), Wycliffe produced dozens of English language manuscript copies of the scriptures. They were translated out of the Latin Vulgate, which was the only source text available to Wycliffe. The Pope was so infuriated by his teachings and his translation of the Bible into English, that 44 years after Wycliffe died, he ordered the bones to be dug-up, crushed, and scattered in the river.