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Jay P. Green's Literal Translation 1993



34:1And Jehovah said to Moses, Cut out for yourself two tablets of stone, like the former. And I will write on the tablets the words which were on the former tablet, which you broke.
34:2And be prepared in the morning, and go up in the morning to Mount Sinai. And place yourself here by Me, on the top of the mountain.
34:3And a man shall not go up with you. And also let no man be seen on all the mountain. Also do not allow the flocks and the herds to feed before that mountain.
34:4And he cut out two tablets of stone like the former. And Moses rose early in the morning and went up into Mount Sinai, as Jehovah had commanded him. And he took in his hand the two tablets of stone.
34:5And Jehovah came down in the cloud. And he placed himself there with Him, and he called on the name of Jehovah.
34:6And Jehovah passed by before his face and called out: Jehovah! Jehovah God! Merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and great in goodness and truth,
34:7keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and not leaving entirely unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on sons, and on sons of sons, to the third and to the fourth generation.
34:8And Moses hurried and bowed to the earth and worshiped.
34:9And he said, If now I have found favor in Your eyes, O lord, please let my lord go in our midst, for it is a stiffnecked people; and You forgive our iniquity and our sin, and take us as a possession.
34:10And He said, Behold, I am cutting a covenant; I will do wonderful things before all your people which not have been done in all the earth, and among all nations. And all the people in whose midst you are shall see the work of Jehovah, for that which I am about to do is awesome.
34:11Take heed for yourself what I am commanding you today. Behold, I am about to drive out from before your face the Amorite, and the Canaanite, and the Hittite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Jebusite.
34:12Take heed to yourself, hat you not cut a covenant with the people of the land to which you are going in, that it not be a snare in your midst.
34:13But you shall cut down their altars, break their pillars, and you shall cut off their Asherim.
34:14For you shall not bow to another god, for Jehovah whose name is Jealous, He is a jealous God;
34:15that you not cut a covenant with the people of the land, and they fornicate with their gods, and they call to you, and you eat from his sacrifice;
34:16and you take from their daughters for your sons. and their daughters fornicate with their gods, and they lead your sons to fornicate with their gods.
34:17You shall not make for yourself casted gods.
34:18You shall keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread ; seven days you shall eat unleavened bread , which I commanded you, at the time appointed, the month of Abib; for in the month of Abib you went out from Egypt.
34:19Every one opening the womb is Mine, and all your male livestock, a firstling of ox or sheep,
34:20and a firstling of an ass, you shall redeem with a lamb. And if you do not redeem, you shall break its neck. You shall redeem every first-born of your sons, and they shall not be seen before My face empty.
34:21You may work six days, and on the seventh day you shall rest. In plowing time and in harvest you shall rest.
34:22And you shall observe a Feast of Weeks for yourself, the firstfruits of the harvest of wheat; also the Feast of Ingathering at the turn of the year.
34:23Three times in the year every male of yours shall be seen before the face of the Lord Jehovah, the God of Israel.
34:24For I will expel nations from before your face and will make broad your territory; and no one shall covet your land, as you go up to appear before Jehovah your God three times in the year.
34:25You shall not slaughter the blood of my sacrifice on leavened bread, nor shall the sacrifice of the Passover Feast pass the night until morning.
34:26You shall bring the first of the firstfruits of your ground to the house of Jehovah your God. You shall not boil a kid in the milk of its mother.
34:27And Jehovah said to Moses, Write these words for yourself, for on the mouth of these words I will cut a covenant with you and with Israel.
34:28And he was there with Jehovah forty days and forty nights; he did not eat bread and he did not drink water. And He wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments.
34:29And it happened as Moses was going down from Mount Sinai, the two tablets of the testimony being in Moses' hand as he went down from the mountain, Moses did not know that the skin of his face had become luminous through His speaking with him.
34:30And Aaron and all the sons of Israel saw Moses. And, behold! The skin of his face had become luminous. And they were afraid to draw near to him.
34:31And Moses called to them. And Aaron and all the leaders among the congregation turned back to him. And Moses spoke to them.
34:32And afterwards all the sons of Israel drew near. And he commanded them all which Jehovah had spoken with him in Mount Sinai.
34:33And Moses finished speaking with them, and he put a veil on his face.
34:34And as Moses came in before Jehovah to speak with Him, he took off the veil until he went out. And he would go out and speak to the sons of Israel that which he was commanded.
34:35And the sons of Israel would see the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses' face had become luminous. And Moses would put back the veil on his face until he went in to speak with Him.
Green's Literal Translation 1993

Green's Literal Translation 1993

Green's Literal Translation (Literal Translation of the Holy Bible - LITV), is a translation of the Bible by Jay P. Green, Sr., first published in 1985. The LITV takes a literal, formal equivalence approach to translation. The Masoretic Text is used as the Hebrew basis for the Old Testament, and the Textus Receptus is used as the Greek basis for the New Testament.

Green's Literal Translation (LITV). Copyright 1993
by Jay P. Green Sr.
All rights reserved. Jay P. Green Sr.,
Lafayette, IN. U.S.A. 47903.