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Matthew's Bible 1537



23:1And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saying:
23:2speake vnto the children of Israel, & say vnto them. These are the feastes of the Lorde which ye shall call holy feastes.
23:3Syxe dayes ye shall worke, and the seuenth is the Sabboth of reast an holy feast: so that ye maye doo no worke therin, for it is the Sabboth of the Lorde, wheresoeuer ye dwell.
23:4These are the feastes of the Lord which ye shal proclayme holy in their seasons.
23:5The .xiiij. daye of the fyrst moneth at euen is the Lordes Passeouer.
23:6And the .xv. daye of the same moneth is the feast of swete bred vnto the Lorde .vij. dayes ye must eate vnleuended bread.
23:7The fyrst day shalbe an holy feaste vnto you, so that ye maye do no laborious worke therin.
23:8But ye shall offer sacrifyces vnto the Lorde .vij. dayes, and the .vij. daye also shalbe an holy feast, so that ye maye do no laborious worke therin.
23:9And the Lord spake vnto Moses sayinge:
23:10speake vnto the chyldren of Israell and saye vnto them: when ye be come into the lande whych I geue vnto you & repe doune youre haruest ye shall brynge a shefe of the fyrst frutes of your haruest vnto the preast,
23:11and he shal waue the shefe before the Lord to be accepted for you: and euen the morow after the Sabboth the preast shall waue it.
23:12And ye shal offer that day when he waueth the shefe, a lambe without blemysh of a yere old for a burntoffrynge vnto the Lorde:
23:13and the meatofferyng therof, two tenth deales of fyne flour mengled with oyle to be a sacrifice vnto the Lord of a swete sauour: & the drynkoffryng therto, the fourth deale of an hyn of wine.
23:14And ye shal eate nether bread, nor parched corne, nor furmentye of new corne: vntyl the self same day that ye haue brought an offeryng vnto your God. And thys shalbe a lawe for euer vnto your chyldren after you, whersoeuer ye dwell.
23:15And ye shal count from the morow after the Sabboth: euen from the daye that ye brought the shefe of the waueoffrynge seuen wekes complete:
23:16euen vnto the morow after the .vij. weke ye shall nombre .l. dayes. And then ye shal brynge a newe meatoffryng vnto the Lord.
23:17And ye shall brynge out of your habitacions two waue loues made of two tenthdeales of fyne floure leuended and baken, for fyrst frutes vnto the Lorde.
23:18And ye shall brynge wyth the bread seuen lambes without deformite of one yere of age, & one yonge oxe & two rammes, which shall serue for burntoffrynges vnto the Lorde, wt meatoffrynges & drynkofferynges longing to the same, to be a sacrifyce of a swete sauour vnto the Lord.
23:19And ye shall offer an he goote for a synne offering: and two lambes of one yere old for peace offrynges.
23:20And the preast shall waue them wyth the bread of the fyrst frutes before the Lord, and wyth the two lambes. And they shalbe holy vnto the Lord, & be the preastes.
23:21And ye shall make a proclamacion the same day that it be an holy feast vnto you, and ye shall do no laborious worke therin: And it shalbe a lawe for euer thorow out all youre habitacions vnto your chyldren after you.
23:22When ye repe doune your haruest, thou shalt not make cleane reddaunce of thy feld, nether shalt thou make any aftergatheryng of thy haruest: but shalt leue them vnto the poore and the straunger. I am the lord your God.
23:23And the Lord spake vnto Moses sayinge:
23:24speake vnto the chyldren of Israel and saye. The fyrst daye of the seuenth moneth shalbe a reast of rembraunce vnto you, to blowe hornes in an holy feast it shalbe,
23:25and ye shall do no laboryous worke therin, and ye shall offer sacryfice vnto the Lord.
23:26And the Lord spake vnto Moses sayinge:
23:27also the tenth day of the self seuenth moneth, is a day of an attonement, and shalbe on holy feast vnto you, and ye shal humble youre soules and offer sacrifyce vnto the Lorde.
23:28Moreouer ye shal do no worke the same day, for it is a daye of attonement to make an attonement for you before the Lord your god.
23:29For whatsoeuer soule it be that humbleth not hym selfe that daye, he shalbe destroyed from amonge hys people.
23:30And whatsoeuer soule do any maner worke that daye, the same I wyll destroye from among hys people.
23:31Se that ye do no maner worke therfore. And it shalbe a lawe for euer vnto youre generacyons after you in al youre dwellynges.
23:32A Sabboth of reste it shalbe vnto you and ye shall humble youre soules. The .ix. daye of the moneth at euen and so forth from euen to euen agayne, ye shall kepe your sabboth.
23:33And the Lord spake vnto Moses saying:
23:34speake vnto the chyldren of Israel and saye: the .xv. daye of the same seuenth moneth shalbe the feast of tabernacles .vij. dayes vnto the Lord.
23:35The fyrst day shalbe an holy feast, so that ye shall doo no laborious worke therin.
23:36Seuen dayes ye shall offer sacryfyce vnto the Lorde, and the .viij. daye shalbe an holy feast vnto you & ye shal offer sacryfyce vnto the Lorde. It is the ende of the feast, and ye shal do no laborious worke therin.
23:37These are the feastes of the Lord whyche ye shall proclayme holy feastes, for to offer sacryfyce vnto the Lorde, burntofferynges, meatoffrynges and drynkeoffrynges euery daye:
23:38besyde the sabbothes of the Lord, and besyde your gyftes, and all youre vowes, & al your frewylofferinges which ye shal giue vnto the Lord.
23:39Moreouer in the .xv. daye of the seuenth moneth after that yee haue gathered in the frutes of the Land, ye shall kepe holye daye vnto the Lord .vij. dayes long. The fyrst day shall be a daye of rest, & the eyght daye shall be a daye of rest.
23:40And ye shall take you the fyrst day, the frutes of goodly trees and the braunches of palme trees and the bowes of thicke trees, and willowes of the brooke, & shall reioyce before the Lord .vij. dayes.
23:41And ye shall kepe it holy day vnto the Lorde .vij. dayes in the yere. And it shall be a lawe for euer vnto youre chyldren after you, that ye kepe that feaste in the seuenth moneth.
23:42And ye shall dwell in boothes seuen dayes: euen all that are Israelites borne, shall dwell in boothes,
23:43that youre chyldrene after you maye knowe how that I made the chyldren of Israell dwell in boothes, when I brought them out of the lande of Egypt: for I am the Lord your God.
23:44And Moses tolde all the feastes of the Lord vnto the children of Israel.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.