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William Tyndale Bible 1534

New Testament



2:1Unto the messenger of the congregacion of Ephesus wryte: These thynges sayth he that holdeth the vii. starres in his right honde and walketh in the myddes of the vii. golden candlestyckes
2:2I knowe thy workes and thy labour and thy pacience and howe thou cannest not forbeare the which are evyll: and examinedst them which saye they are Apostles and are not: and hast founde them lyars
2:3and dydest wasshe thy self. And hast pacience: and for my names sake hast labored and hast not faynted.
2:4Neverthelesse I have sumwhat agaynst the for thou haste lefte thy fyrst love.
2:5Remember therfore from whence thou art fallen and repent and do the fyrst workes. Or elles I wyll come vnto the shortly and will remove thy candlestyke out of his place excepte thou repent.
2:6But this thou haste because thou hatest ye dedes of the Nicolaitans which dedes I also hate.
2:7Lett him yt hath eares heare what ye sprete sayth vnto the congregacions. To him that overcometh will I geve to eate of the tree of lyfe which is in the myddes of ye paradice of god.
2:8And vnto the angell of the congregacion of Smyrna wryte: These thynges sayth he that is fyrst and the laste which was deed and is alive.
2:9I knowe thy workes and tribulacion and poverte but thou art ryche: And I knowe the blaspemy of them whiche call them selves Iewes and are not: but are the congregacio of sathan.
2:10Feare none of thoo thynges which thou shalt soffre. Beholde the devyll shall caste of you into preson to tempte you and ye shall have tribulacion .x. dayes. Be faythfull vnto the deeth and I will geve the a croune of lyfe.
2:11Let him that hath ears heare what the sprete sayth to the congregacions: He that overcometh shall not be hurte of the seconde deeth.
2:12And to the messenger of the congregacion in Pergamos wryte: This sayth he which hath ye sharpe swearde with two edges.
2:13I knowe thy workes and where thow dwellest evyn where Sathans seat ys and thou kepest my name and hast not denyed my fayth. And in my dayes Antipas was a faythfull witnes of myne which was slayne amonge you where sathan dwelleth.
2:14But I have a fewe thynges agaynst the: yt thou hast there they that mayntayne the doctryne of Balam which taught in balake to put occasion of syn before the chylderne of Israhell that they shulde eate of meate dedicat vnto ydoles and to commyt fornicacion.
2:15Even so hast thou them that mayntayne the doctryne of the Nicolaytans which thynge I hate.
2:16But be converted or elles I will come vnto the shortly and will fyght agaynste the with thes wearde of my mouth
2:17Lett him that hath eares heare what the sprete sayth vnto the congregacios: To him that overcommeth will I geve to eate manna that is hyd and will geve him a whyte stone and in the stone a newe name wrytten which no ma knoweth savinge he that receaveth it.
2:18And vnto the messenger of the congregacion of Theatira write: This sayth the sonne of god which hath his eyes lyke vnto a flame of fyre whose fete are like brasse:
2:19I knowe thy workes and thy love service and fayth and thy paciece and thy dedes which are mo at the last then at the fyrste.
2:20Notwitstondinge I have a feawe thynges agaynst the that thou sofferest that woman Iesabell which called her sylfe a prophetes to teache and to deceave my servauntes to make them commyt fornicacion and to eate meates offered vppe vnto ydoles.
2:21And I gave her space to repent of her fornicacion and she repented not.
2:22Beholde I will caste her into a beed and them yt commyt fornicacion wt her into gret adversite excepte they tourne fro their deades.
2:23And I will kyll her children with deeth. And all the congregacions shall knowe that I am he which searcheth ye reynes and hertes. And I will geve vnto evere one of you accordynge vnto youre workes.
2:24Vnto you I saye and vnto other of them of Thiatyra as many as have not this lerninge and which have not knowen the depnes of Satha (as they saye) I will put apo you none other burthe
2:25but yt which ye have alreddy. Holde fast tyll I come
2:26and whosoever overcometh and kepeth my workes vnto the ende to hym will I geve power over nacios
2:27and he shall rule them with a rodde of yron: and as the vessels of a potter shall he breake them to shevers. Eve as I receaved of my father
2:28eue so will I geve him ye mornynge starre.
2:29Let him yt hath eares heare what the sprete sayth to the congregacions.
Tyndale Bible 1534

William Tyndale Bible 1534

William Tyndale was the first man to ever print the New Testament in the English language. Tyndale also went on to be the first to translate much of the Old Testament from the original Hebrew into English, but he was executed in 1536 for the "crime" of printing the scriptures in English before he could personally complete the printing of an entire Bible. His friends Myles Coverdale, and John [Thomas Matthew] Rogers, managed to evade arrest and publish entire Bibles in the English language for the first time, and within one year of Tyndale's death. These Bibles were primarily the work of William Tyndale.