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William Tyndale Bible 1534

New Testament



6:1And I sawe when the lambe openyd one of the seales and I herde one of the iiii. bestes saye as it were the noyse of thonder come and se.
6:2And I sawe and beholde there was a whyte horsse and he that sat on him had a bowe and a croune was gevyn vnto him and he went forth conqueringe and forto overcome.
6:3And when he opened the secode seale I herde the seconde beste saye: come and se.
6:4And there went out another horsse that was red and power was geven to him that satte thereon to take peace from the erth and that they shulde kyll one another. And there was geven vnto him a gret swearde.
6:5And when he opened ye thyrde seale I herde the thyrde beste saye: come and se. And I behelde and loo a blacke hors: and he that sate on him had a payre of balances in his honde.
6:6And I herd a voyce in the myddes of the .iiii. bestes saye: a measure of whete for a peny and iii. measures of barly for a peny: and oyle and wyne se thou hurte not.
6:7And when he opened the fourthe seale I herde the voyce of the fourthe beste saye: come and se.
6:8And I loked and beholde a grene horsse and his name that sat on him was deeth and hell folowed after him and power was geven vnto them over the fourthe parte of the erth to kyll with swearde and with honger and with deeth that cometh of vermen of the erth.
6:9And when he opened the fyfte seale I sawe vnder the aultre the soules of them that were kylled for the worde of God and for the testymony which they had
6:10and they cryed with a lowde voyce sayinge: How loge tariest thou lorde holy and true to iudge and to avenge oure bloud on them that dwell on the erth?
6:11And longe whyte garmentes were geven vnto every one of them. And it was sayde vnto them that they shulde reste for a lyttle season vntyll the nomber of their felowes and brethre and of them that shulde be kylled as they were were fulfylled.
6:12And I behelde when he opened the sixte seale and loo there was a grett erth quake and the sunne was as blacke as sacke clothe made of heare. And the mone wexed even as bloud:
6:13and the starres of heven fell vnto the erth even as a fygge tree castith from her her fygges when she is shaken of a myghty wynde.
6:14And heven vanysshed awaye as a scroll whe it is rolled togedder. And all mountayns and yles were moved oute of their places.
6:15And the kynges of the erth and the gret men and the ryche men and the chefe captaynes and the myghty men and every bond man and every free man hyd them selves in dennes and in rockes of the hylles
6:16and sayde to the hylles and rockes: fall on vs and hyde vs from the presence of him that sytteth on the seate and from the wrath of the lambe
6:17for the grete daye of hys wrath ys come And who can endure it.
Tyndale Bible 1534

William Tyndale Bible 1534

William Tyndale was the first man to ever print the New Testament in the English language. Tyndale also went on to be the first to translate much of the Old Testament from the original Hebrew into English, but he was executed in 1536 for the "crime" of printing the scriptures in English before he could personally complete the printing of an entire Bible. His friends Myles Coverdale, and John [Thomas Matthew] Rogers, managed to evade arrest and publish entire Bibles in the English language for the first time, and within one year of Tyndale's death. These Bibles were primarily the work of William Tyndale.