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English Majority Text Version 2009

New Testament



2:1Then after fourteen years I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas, also taking Titus along.
2:2And I went up by revelation, and I set before them that gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, but privately to those with influence, lest somehow I might run, or had run, in vain.
2:3But not even Titus who was with me, although he was a Greek, was compelled to be circumcised;
2:4and that was because of false brothers secretly brought in (who slipped in to spy out our freedom which we have in Christ Jesus, so that they might reduce us to slavery),
2:5to whom not even for an hour did we yield in subjection, that the truth of the gospel might remain with you.
2:6But from those who seemed to be something-whatever they were, it makes no difference to me; God shows partiality to no man-so to me, those with influence contributed nothing,
2:7but on the contrary, when they saw that I had been entrusted [with] the gospel for the uncircumcised, just as Peter [was with the gospel ]for the circumcised,
2:8(for He who worked with Peter in [the] apostleship to the circumcised, worked also with me in [that for] the Gentiles),
2:9and when James, Cephas, and John, who seemed to be pillars, perceived the grace which was given to me, they gave me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship, that we [should go] to the Gentiles and they to the circumcised;
2:10only they desired that we should remember the poor, which indeed I made every effort to do this very thing.
2:11But when Peter came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he was to be blamed.
2:12For before certain [men] came from James, he would eat together with the Gentiles; but when they came, he began to draw back and began to separate himself, fearing those of the circumcision party.
2:13And the rest of the Jews joined him in hypocrisy, so that even Barnabas was carried away with their hypocrisy.
2:14But when I saw that they did not act rightly with respect to the truth of the gospel, I said to Peter before them all, "If you, being a Jew, live in Gentile fashion and not in Jewish fashion, why do you compel the Gentiles to live as Jews?
2:15We [who are] Jews by nature, and not sinners of the Gentiles,
2:16knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by [the ]faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, so that we might be justified by [the] faith of Christ, and not by [the] works of the law; because no flesh shall be justified by [the] works of the law.
2:17But if by seeking to be justified in Christ, we ourselves also were found sinners, then is Christ a minister of sin? By no means!
2:18For if I build again the[ ]things which I destroyed, I make myself a transgressor.
2:19For I through the law died to the law, that I might live to God.
2:20I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the [life] which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me.
2:21I do not annul the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the law, then Christ died for nothing."
English Majority Text Version

English Majority Text Version


Welcome to the third edition of The English Majority Text Version (EMTV) of the Holy Bible. This latest edition has Greek explanatory notes throughout the Bible, to aid the reader in understanding the meanings in some select places of the original Koine Greek. Also, the third edition finds itself closer to the Robinson/Pierpoint printed edition of the Byzantine majority text, rather than the Hodges/Farstad text, which the EMTV was translated from. You will notice these differences in John 7:53-8:11, as well as the entire book of Revelation.

The English Majority Text Version draws from the work of both Dr.’s Hodges and Farstad, and their text, “The Greek New Testament According to the Majority Text,” as well as from Dr. Wilbur Pickering, ThM. PhD., and the EMTV has incorporated his hard work in the field of producing evidence of just what does constitute a majority reading, and, as a result of his work, and the work of others, John 7:53-8:11, and the book of Revelation reflect these variant readings. This is one of the great things about having a Bible that is translated from the majority of the trustworthy Byzantine manuscripts that are in existence—the much greater probability of accuracy.

On the other side of the fence, most modern Bibles are translated from a few scant manuscripts (literally), and more often than not they do not even agree with each other. Not so with a Bible that is translated out of the majority! The experts in linguistics who have put these readings together, and diligently compared the manuscripts, had hundreds and hundreds of manuscripts to compare. It is my prayer that this work will bring honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to our God and Father; because all of this, all that we do, we do to know Him better, and to better understand His word, which He has given to mankind. “Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him. Do not add to His words, Lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar. (Prove 30:5,6). Peace of Christ to you all. In His service, Paul W Esposito Stauros Ministries