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The Great Bible 1539



19:1And there came .ij. angels to Sodome at euen. And Lot sat at the gate of Sodome. And Lot seinge them, rose vp to mete them, and he bowed him selfe to the grounde wt his face.
19:2And he sayde: my Lordes, turne in I praye you in to youre seruauntes house & tary all nyghte & washe youre fete & ye shall ryse vp early to go on youre wayes. Whych sayde: nay, but we wyll byde in the streates all nyghte.
19:3And he in maner dyd euen compelle them violently. And they turnynge in vnto him entred in to his house, & he made them a feaste & did bake swete bred, & they did eat
19:4And before they went to rest, the men of the cytie (euen the men of Sodome) compassed the house rounde aboute both olde & yonge, all the people from all quarters.
19:5And they callynge vnto Lot, sayde vnto him: where are the men which came into the thys nyght? brynge them out vnto vs & we will knowe them.
19:6And Lot went out at the doores vnto them and shut the dore after hym
19:7and sayde: naye for goddes sake brethren, do not so wyckedly.
19:8Beholde I haue two daughters which haue knowne no man, them will I brynge out nowe vnto you: & do with them as it semeth good in your eyes. Only vnto these men do nothinge, for therfore came they in vnder the shadowe of my rofe.
19:9And they sayde: stonde back. And they sayde: he came in as one to sciourne, & wyll he be nowe a iudge? we wyll suerly deale worse with the than with them. And they preased sore vpon the man, euen Lot: & came to breake vp the doore,
19:10but the men put forth their hande & pulled Lot in to the house to them and shut to the doore.
19:11And the men that were at the doore of the house, they smote with blyndnesse both small & greate: so that they faynted and coulde not fynde the doore.
19:12And the men sayde vnto Lot: If thou haue yet here any sonne in lawe or sonnes or daughters or what soeuer thou hast in the cytie, brynge it out of this place:
19:13for we must destroye this place, because the crye of them is great before the face of God: for the Lorde hath sent vs to destroye it.
19:14And Lot went out and spake vnto hys sonnes in lawe which maried his daughters sayinge: stonde vp: get yowe out of this place, for the Lorde will ouerthrowe this cytie. But he semed as though he had mocked, vnto his sonnes in lawe.
19:15And whan the morninge arose, the angels caused Lot to spede him sayinge: Stonde vp, take thy wyfe and thy two daughters at hande, lest thou peryshe in the synne of the cytie.
19:16And as he prolonged the tyme, the men caught both him, his wyfe & his two daughters by the handes, the Lorde beynge mercyfull vnto him, and they brought hym forth and sette hym without the cytie.
19:17It fortuned whan they had brought them out, he sayde: Saue thy lyfe, and loke not behynde the, neyther tary thou in all thys playne countre. Saue thy selfe in the mountayne, lest thou peryshe.
19:18And Lot sayde vnto them. Oh nay Lorde:
19:19beholde, thy seruaunt hath fownde grace in thy syghte, and thou hast magnifyed thy mercye which thou hast shewed vnto me in sauynge my lyfe. Beholde, I can not be saued in the mountayne, lest some misfortune fall vpon me and I dye.
19:20Beholde, here is a cytie by, to flee vnto, euen yonder lytle one: Oh let me be saued there: is it not a lytle one, and my soule shall lyue?
19:21And he sayde to hym: se I haue receaued thy request as concernynge this thynge, that I wyll not ouerthrowe thys cytie for the which thou hast spoken.
19:22Haste the, & be saued there, for I can do nothynge tyll thou become thyther. And therfore the name of the cyte is called Zoar.
19:23And the sonne was nowe rysen vpon the erth, when Lot was entred into Zoar.
19:24Than the Lorde rayned vpon Sodome & Gomorra, brymston & fyre from the Lorde out of heauen,
19:25& ouerthrewe those cyties & all the regyon, and all that dwelled in the cyties, and that that grewe vpon the erth.
19:26But Lotes wyfe loked behynde her, & was turned in to a pyllar of salte.
19:27Abraham rysinge vp early, got him to the place where he stode before the presence of God,
19:28& lokynge towarde Sodome & Gomorra & towarde all the londe of that contre he loked: and beholde, the smoke of the contrye arose as the smoke of a fornace.
19:29And it happened that when God destroyed the cyties of that regyon, he thought vpon Abraham, & sent Lot out from the myddes of the ouerthrowenge, when he ouerthrewe the cyties where Lot dwelled.
19:30And Lot departed out of Zoar & dwelled in the mountayns wt his .ij. daughters, for he feared to tary in Zoar, but dwelled in a caue, he & his .ij. daughters.
19:31And the elder sayde vnto the yonger: oure father is olde, and there is not a man in the erth to come in vnto vs after the maner of all the worlde.
19:32Come, we will make oure father droncken with wyne, & lye with him, that we maye saue sede of oure father.
19:33And so they made their father droncken wyth wyne that nyght. And the elder daughter went & laye with her father. And he perceaued it not, nether when she laye doune, nether when she rose vp.
19:34And on the morowe it happened that the elder sayde vnto the yonger: beholde, yesternyght laye I with my father. Let vs make him droncke with wyne this nyght also, & go thou & lye with him, that we maye rayse vp seed of oure father.
19:35And they made their father droncke with wyne that nyght also. And the yonger arose & laye with him. And he perceaued it not: nether when she laye downe, nether when she rose vp.
19:36Thus were both the daughters of Lot wt chylde by their father.
19:37And the elder bare a sonne, and called hys name Moab. The same is the father of the Moabytes vnto thys daye.
19:38And the yonger bare a sonne also and called hys name Ben Ammi, The same is the father of the chyldren of Ammon vnto this daye.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."