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The Great Bible 1539



34:1Dina the daughter of Lea which she bare vnto Iacob, went out to se the daughters of the lande.
34:2Whom whan Sichem the sonne of Hemor the Heuite Lorde of the countrey sawe, he toke her, and laye with her, and forced her:
34:3and hys harte laye vnto Dina the daughter of Iacob. And he loued that damsell and spake kyndly vnto her,
34:4and Sichem spake vnto hys father Hemor sayinge, gett me thys mayden vnto my wyfe.
34:5And Iacob hearde that he had defyled Dina hys daughter, hys sonnes beinge with theyr catell in the felde, and he helde hys peace, vntyll they were come.
34:6And Hemor the father of Sichem went out vnto Iacob, to comen with hym.
34:7And whan the sonnes of Iacob commynge out of the felde herde it, it greued them, & they were not a lytle wrooth because he had wrought folye in Israel, in that he had lyen wyth Iacobs daughter, which thinge ought not to be done.
34:8And Hemor commened with them sayinge: the soule of my sonne Sichem longeth for youre daughter: geue her hym to wyfe,
34:9and make mariages with vs: and geue youre daughters vnto vs, and take oure daughters vnto you,
34:10& ye shall dwell wyth vs, and the lande shall be before you, dwell and do youre busynes and haue youre possessyons there in.
34:11And Sichem sayde vnto hyr father and hyr brethren, let me fynde grace in youre eyes, and what soeuer ye apoynte me, that wyll I geue.
34:12Axe frely of me both the dowry and giftes, and I wyll geue accordynge as ye saye vnto me, so that ye geue me the Damsell to wyfe.
34:13But the sonnes of Iacob answered to Sichem & Hemor hys father talkynge amonge them selues deceytefully, because he had defyled Dina theyr syster.
34:14And they sayde vnto them, we can not do thys thynge that we shulde geue oure syster to one that is vncircumcysed, for that were a shame vnto vs.
34:15But in thys wyll we consent vnto you? If ye wylbe as we be and all the men chyldren amonge you be circumcysed,
34:16then wyll we geue oure daughters to you and take youre daughters to vs, and wyll dwell wyth you and be one people.
34:17But and yf ye wyll not harken vnto vs to be circumcysed, than will we take oure daughter & goo oure wayes.
34:18Their wordes pleased Hemor: and Sichem hys sonne.
34:19And the yonge man deferde not for to do the thynge, because he had a lust to Iacobs daughter: he was also most sett by of all that were in hys fathers house.
34:20Than Hemor & Sychem hys sonne went vnto the gate of their cytie, and comened with the men of their cytie, sayinge:
34:21these men are vnfayned towarde vs, and dwell in the lande and do their occupacyon therin. And in the lande is rowme ynough for them, we wyll take their daughters to wyues, and geue them oure daughters:
34:22only here in wyll they consent vnto vs for to dwell wyth vs & to be one people: yf all the men chyldren that are amonge vs be circumcysed as they are.
34:23Shall not their goodes and their substance and all theyr catell be oures, only yf we consente vnto them? For they wyll dwell with vs.
34:24And vnto Hemor and Sichem his sonne harkened all that went out at the gate of hys cytie. And all the men chyldren were circumcised whatsoeuer went out at the gates of his cytie.
34:25And it happened the thyrde daye (when it was paynefull to them) .ij. of the sonnes of Iacob Symeon and Leui Dinas brethren, toke ether of them his swerde and went in to the cytie boldly, and slewe all that was male,
34:26and slewe also Hemor and Sichem hys sonne with the edge of the swerde, and toke Dina out of Sichems house, and went their waye.
34:27And the sonnes of Iacob commynge vpon the deed, spoyled the cytie, because they had defyled their syster:
34:28& toke their shepe, oxen, and their asses and whatsoeuer was in the cytie and also in the feldes.
34:29And all their goodes & all their chyldren, and theyr wyues toke they captiue and made hauouck of all that was in the house.
34:30But Iacob sayde to Simeon and Leui: ye haue troubled me and made me styncke before the inhabitours of the lande, before the Canaanyte and the Pherezite. And I beynge fewe in nombre, they shall gather them selues together agaynst me & sley me, and so shall I and my house be destroyed.
34:31And they answered: shulde they deale with oure syster as with an whoore.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."