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The Great Bible 1539



43:1And the derth was greate in the lande.
43:2And it fortuned when they had eaten vp the corne whych they brought out of the lande of Egypt theyr father sayde vnto them: goo agayne, & by vs a lytle food.
43:3Iuda answered hym, and sayde: the man dyd testifye vnto vs, sayinge: loke that ye see not my face, excepte youre brother be wyth you.
43:4If thou wylt sende oure brother wt vs, we wyll go downe, and bye the foode.
43:5But yf thou wylt not sende hym, we wyll not goo downe: for the man sayde vnto vs: loke that ye see not my face, excepte youre brother be wyth you.
43:6And Israel sayde: wherfore delt ye so cruelly wyth me, as to tell the man that ye had yet a brother?
43:7They answered: The man asked vs straytly of oure kynred sayinge, is youre father yet alyue? haue ye not another brother? And we tolde hym accordynge to these wordes. Cowld we knowe that he wolde saye: brynge your brother downe with you?
43:8Than sayde Iuda vnto Israel hys father: Sende the lade with me, that we maye ryse & goo, & that we maye lyue & not dye: both we, thou & also oure children.
43:9I wylbe suertye for hym, of my handes shalt thou requyre hym. If I brynge hym not to the agayne, & set him before thyne eyes, than let me bere the blame for euer.
43:10Truly except we had made thys taryenge: by thys, we had bene there twyse and come agayne.
43:11And theyr father Israel sayde vnto them: If it must nedis be so nowe: than do thus. Take of the best frutes of the lande in youre vesselles, and brynge the man a present, a curtesye bawlme, and a curtesye of hony, spyces and myrre, notts & almondes.
43:12And take double money in youre hande. And the money that was brought agayne in youre sackes, take it agayne wyth you, lest peraduenture it was some ouersyghte.
43:13Take also youre brother wyth you and, aryse and goo agayne to the man.
43:14And God almyghtye geue you mercye in the syghte of the man, that he maye delyuer you youre other brother, & this BenIamin, and I shalbe robbed of my chylde, as I haue bene.
43:15Thus toke they the present and twyse so moch more money in theyr hande with BenIamin. And rose vp, went downe to Egypte, and stode before Ioseph.
43:16When Ioseph sawe BenIamin wyth them, he sayde to the rular of hys house: brynge these men home, and sley and make redye: for these men shall dyne wt me at noone.
43:17And the man dyd as Ioseph bad, & brought them into Iosephs house.
43:18When the men were brought into Iosephs house, they were afrayde, and sayde: because of the money that came in oure sackes mouthes at the fyrst tyme, are we brought in, that he maye pycke a quarell wt vs, & to laye some thynge to oure charge, and to brynge vs in bondage and oure asses also.
43:19Therfore came they to the man that was the rular ouer Iosephs house, & commened with hym at the doore of the house,
43:20and sayde: Oh Syr, we came downe hyther at the fyrst tyme to bye foode:
43:21& as we came to an inne, it happened that we opened oure sackes: and beholde, euery mannes money was in hys sacke wyth full weyghte: And we haue brought it agayne in oure hande,
43:22and other mony haue we brought also in oure handes, to bye foode, but we cannot tell who put oure money in oure sackes.
43:23And he sayde: peace be vnto you, feare not: youre God and the God of youre father hath geuen you that treasure in youre sackes, I had youre money. And he brought Simeon out to them,
43:24and the man led them into Iosephs house, and gaue them water to washe theyr fete, & gaue theyr asses prauender:
43:25And they made redye theyr present agaynst Ioseph came at none, for they herde saye that they shulde eate bred there.
43:26When Ioseph came home, they brought the present into the house to him, whych was in their handes, & fell flat on the grounde before hym.
43:27And he welcomed them courteously sayinge: is youre father that old man whych ye tolde me of, in good health? and is he yet alyue?
43:28they answered: thy seruaunte oure father is in good health, and is yet alyue. And they bowed downe theyr heades, and made obaysaunce.
43:29And he lyftinge vp his eyes, behelde his brother BenIamin his mothers sonne, and sayde: is this youre yonger brother of whome ye sayde vnto me? And he sayde: God be mercyfull vnto the my sonne.
43:30And Ioseph made hast (for hys hert dyd melt vpon his brother) & sought where to wepe, and entred into his chambre, & wepte there.
43:31And he wasshed his face & came out and refrayned hym selfe, and sayde: set bread on the table.
43:32And they prepared for hym by him selfe, and for them by them selues, & for the Egypcians which dyd eate with him by them selues, because the Egypcians maye not eate bread with the Hebrues, for that is an abhomynacyon vnto the Egypcyans.
43:33And they satt before hym: the eldest accordynge vnto hys age, & the yongest accordynge vnto hys youth. And the men merueled amonge them selues.
43:34And they broughte rewardes vnto them from before hym: but Ben Iamins parte was fyue tymes so moch as any of theyrs And they drynkynge were dronke with hym.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."