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Jay P. Green's Literal Translation 1993



2:1But I decided this within myself, not to come to you again in grief.
2:2For if I grieved you, who yet will be making me glad, if not the one being grieved by me?
2:3And I wrote this same thing to you, lest coming I might have grief from those of whom I ought to rejoice, trusting in you all that my joy is the joy of all of you.
2:4For out of much affliction and agony of heart I wrote to you, through many tears, not that you be grieved, but that you know the love which I have more abundantly toward you.
2:5But if anyone has grieved, he has not grieved me, but in part, that I not overbear all of you.
2:6This censure by the majority is enough for such a one.
2:7So that on the contrary, you should rather forgive and comfort such a one, that he not be swallowed up by the overflowing grief.
2:8So I beseech you to confirm your love to him.
2:9For to this end I also wrote, that I might know the proof of you, if you are obedient in all things.
2:10But to whom you forgive anything, I also. For also if I have forgiven anything, of whom I have forgiven it, it is for you, in Christ's person,
2:11so that we should not be overreached by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his devices.
2:12And coming to Troas for the gospel of Christ, and a door having been opened to me in the Lord,
2:13I had no ease in my spirit at my not finding my brother Titus, but saying farewell to them, I went out to Macedonia.
2:14But thanks be to God, He always leading us in triumph in Christ, and the One revealing through us the odor of the knowledge of Him in every place.
2:15For we are a sweet smell to God because of Christ in those being saved, and in those being lost;
2:16to the one, an odor of death unto death, and to the other, an odor of life unto life. And who is sufficient for these things?
2:17For we are not as the many, hawking the Word of God; but as of sincerity, but as of God. We speak in Christ, in the sight of God.
Green's Literal Translation 1993

Green's Literal Translation 1993

Green's Literal Translation (Literal Translation of the Holy Bible - LITV), is a translation of the Bible by Jay P. Green, Sr., first published in 1985. The LITV takes a literal, formal equivalence approach to translation. The Masoretic Text is used as the Hebrew basis for the Old Testament, and the Textus Receptus is used as the Greek basis for the New Testament.

Green's Literal Translation (LITV). Copyright 1993
by Jay P. Green Sr.
All rights reserved. Jay P. Green Sr.,
Lafayette, IN. U.S.A. 47903.