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William Tyndale Bible 1534

New Testament



6:1Brethren yf eny ma be fallen by chauce into eny faute: ye which are spirituall helpe to amende him in the sprete of meknes: consyderynge thy silfe lest thou also be tempted.
6:2Beare ye one anothers burthe and so fulfill the lawe of Christ.
6:3If eny ma seme to him silfe that he is somwhat whe in dede he is nothynge the same deceaveth hym silfe in his ymaginacion.
6:4Let every man prove his awne worke and then shall he have reioysinge in his awne silfe and not in another
6:5For every man shall beare his awne burthen.
6:6Let him that is taught in ye worde minister vnto him yt teacheth him in all good thinges
6:7Be not deceaved God is not mocked. For what soever a man soweth yt shall he reepe.
6:8He that soweth in his flesshe shall of ye flesshe reepe corrupcio. But he yt soweth in ye sprete shall of the sprete reepe lyfe everlastinge.
6:9Let vs not be wery of well doynge. For when the tyme is come we shall repe with out werines.
6:10Whill we have therfore tyme let vs do good vnto all men and specially vnto them which are of the housholde of fayth.
6:11Beholde how large a letter I have written vnto you with myne awne honde.
6:12As many as desyre with vtwarde apperauce to please carnally they constrayne you to be circumcised only be cause they wolde not suffre persecucion with the crosse of Christ.
6:13For they them selves which are circumcised kepe not the lawe: but desyre to have you circumcised that they myght reioyce in youre flesshe.
6:14God forbyd that I shuld reioyce but in the crosse of oure Lorde Iesu Christ wherby the worlde is crucified as touchinge me and I as concerninge the worlde.
6:15For in Christ Iesu nether circucision avayleth eny thinge at all nor vncircumcisio: but a new creature.
6:16And as many as walke accordinge to this rule peace be on them and mercy and vpon Israel that pertayneth to God.
6:17From hence forth let no man put me to busynes. For I beare in my bodye ye markes of the Lorde Iesu.
6:18Brethren the grace of oure Lorde Iesu Christe be with youre sprete. Amen.
Tyndale Bible 1534

William Tyndale Bible 1534

William Tyndale was the first man to ever print the New Testament in the English language. Tyndale also went on to be the first to translate much of the Old Testament from the original Hebrew into English, but he was executed in 1536 for the "crime" of printing the scriptures in English before he could personally complete the printing of an entire Bible. His friends Myles Coverdale, and John [Thomas Matthew] Rogers, managed to evade arrest and publish entire Bibles in the English language for the first time, and within one year of Tyndale's death. These Bibles were primarily the work of William Tyndale.