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John Wycliffe Bible 1382



40:1And the Lord spak to Moises, `and seide,
40:2In the firste monethe, in the firste dai of the monethe, thou schalt reise the tabernacle of witnessyng.
40:3And thou schalt sette the arke therynne, and thou schalt leeue a veil bifore it.
40:4And whanne the bord is borun yn, thou schalt sette ther onne tho thingis, that ben comaundid iustli. The candilstike schal stonde with hise lanternes,
40:5and the goldun auter, where ynne encense is brent bifor the arke of witnessyng. Thou schalt sette a tente in the entryng of the tabernacle;
40:6and bifor it the auter of brent sacrifice,
40:7the `waischyng vessel bitwixe the auter and the tabernacle, which `waischyng vessel thou schalt fille with water.
40:8And thou schalt cumpas the greet street, and the entryng ther of with tentis.
40:9And whanne thou hast take oyle of anoyntyng, thou schalt anoynte the tabernacle, with hise vessels, that tho be halewid;
40:10the auter of brent sacrifice, and alle vessels ther of; the `waischyng vessel,
40:11with his foundement. Thou schalt anoynte alle thingis with the oile of anoyntyng, that tho be hooli of hooli thingis.
40:12And thou schalt present Aaron and hise sones to the dore of the tabernacle of witnessyng;
40:13and, whanne thei ben `waischid in water, thou schalt clothe hem with hooli clothis, that thei mynystre to me, and that the anoyntyng of hem profite in to euerlastynge preesthod.
40:14And Moises dide alle thingis whiche the Lord comaundide.
40:15Therfor in the firste monethe of the secunde yeer, in the firste dai of the monethe, the tabernacle was set.
40:16And Moises reiside it, and settide the tablis, and foundementis, and barris, and he ordeynede pilers;
40:17and `spredde abrood the roof on the tabernacle, and puttide an hilyng aboue, as the Lord comaundide.
40:18He puttide also the witnessyng in the arke, and he settide barris with ynne, and Goddis answeryng place aboue.
40:19And whanne he hadde brouyt the arke in to the tabernacle, he hangide a veil bifor it, that he schulde fille the comaundement of the Lord.
40:20He settide also the boord in the tabernacle of witnessyng, at the north coost, without the veil,
40:21and he ordeynede the looues of settyng forth bifore, as the Lord comaundide to Moises.
40:22He settide also the candilstike in the tabernacle of witnessyng, euene ayens the boord,
40:23in the south side, and settide lanternes bi ordre, bi the comaundement of the Lord.
40:24He puttide also the goldun auter vndur the roof of witnessyng,
40:25ayens the veil, and he brente theronne encense of swete smellynge spiceries, as the Lord comaundide to Moises.
40:26He settide also a tente in the entryng of the tabernacle,
40:27and the auter of brent sacrifice in the porche of the witnessyng, and he offride therynne brent sacrifice, and sacrifices, as the Lord comaundide.
40:28Also he ordeynede the `waischyng vessel, bitwixe the tabernacle of witnessyng and the auter, and fillide it with watir.
40:29And Moises, and Aaron, and his sones, waischiden her hondis and feet,
40:30whanne thei entriden into the roof of boond of pees, and neiyeden to the auter, as the Lord comaundide to Moises.
40:31He reiside also the greet street, bi the cumpas of the tabernacle and of the auter, and settyde a tente in the entryng therof. Aftir that alle thingis weren perfitli maad,
40:32a cloude hilide the tabernacle of witnessyng, and the glorie of the Lord fillide it;
40:33nether Moyses myyte entre in to the tabernacle of the boond of pees, while the cloude hilide alle thingis, and the maieste of the Lord schynede, for the cloude hilide alle thingis.
40:34If ony tyme the cloude lefte the tabernacle, the sones of Israel yeden forth bi her cumpanyes;
40:35if the cloude hangide aboue, thei dwelliden in the same place;
40:36for the cloude of the Lord restide on the tabernacle bi dai, and fier in the nyyt, in the siyt of the puplis of Israel, bi alle her dwellyngis.
John Wycliffe Bible 1382

John Wycliffe Bible 1382

The Wycliffe Bible is the only Bible here that was not translated from the Textus Receptus. Its inclusion here is for the Bible's historic value and for comparison in the English language.

John Wycliffe, an Oxford professor produced the first hand-written English language Bible manuscripts in the 1380's. While it is doubtful Wycliffe himself translated the versions that bear his name, he certainly can be considered the driving force behind the project. He strongly believed in having the scriptures available to the people.

Wycliffe, was well-known throughout Europe for his opposition to the teaching of the organized Church, which he believed to be contrary to the Bible. With the help of his followers (called Lollards), Wycliffe produced dozens of English language manuscript copies of the scriptures. They were translated out of the Latin Vulgate, which was the only source text available to Wycliffe. The Pope was so infuriated by his teachings and his translation of the Bible into English, that 44 years after Wycliffe died, he ordered the bones to be dug-up, crushed, and scattered in the river.