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Matthew's Bible 1537



34:1Dina the doughter of Lea whiche she bare to Iacob, went out to se the doughters of the land.
34:2And Sichem the sonne of Hemor the Heuite Lorde of the countrey, saw hyr, and toke hyr, and lay with hyr, and forced hir:
34:3and his herte lay vnto Dina the daughter of Iacob. And he loued that damsell, & spake kyndly vnto hyr,
34:4and spake vnto hys father Hemor saying, get me thys mayden vnto my wyfe.
34:5And Iacob hearde that he had defiled Dina hys daughter, but hys sonnes were wyth the cattel in the felde, and therfore he helde hys peace, vntyl they were come.
34:6Then Hemor the father of Sichem went out vnto Iacob, to comen with hym.
34:7And the sonnes of Iacob came out of the field as sone as they heard it, for it greued them, & thei were not a little wroth bycause he had wroughte folly in Israel, in that he had lyed wt Iacobs doughter, whyche thynge oughte not to be done.
34:8And Hemor comened with them saying? The soule of my sonne Sichem longeth for your doughter: giue hyr hym to wife,
34:9& make mariages wt vs: giue your doughters vnto vs, & take our doughters vnto you,
34:10& dwel with vs & the land shal be at your pleasure, dwel & do your busines, & haue your possessions therein.
34:11And Sichem sayed vnto hyr father & hyr brethren: lette me fynde grace in your eyes, & whatsoeuer ye appoint me, that wyl I gyue.
34:12Axe frely of me both the dowry and gyftes, & I wyll giue accordynge as ye saye vnto me, & gyue me the damsel to wyfe.
34:13Then the sonnes of Iacob answered to Sichem & Hemor hys father deceytfullye, because he had defiled Dina theyr sister.
34:14And they sayd vnto them, we can not do thys thing that we shoulde gyue our syster to one that is vncircumcised, for that were a shame vnto vs.
34:15Only in thys wyl we consent vnto you? If ye wyl be as we be, that all the men children amonge you be circumcised,
34:16then wyll we gyue our doughter to you & take youres to vs, & wil dwell with you & be one people.
34:17But & if ye wyll not herken vnto vs to be circumcised, then wyll we take oure doughter and go our waies.
34:18And their words pleased Hemor: & Sichem his sonne.
34:19And the yonge man deferred not but to do the thyng, bicause he had a lust to Iacobs doughter: he was also most set by of all that were in hys fathers house.
34:20Then Hemor & Sichem wente vnto the gate of theyr citye, & comuned with the men of theyr city saying:
34:21these men are peaceable with vs, & wyl dwel in the land and do their occupation therin. And in the lande is rowme inoughe for them, let vs take theyr doughters to wyues & gyue them ours:
34:22only herein wyll they consent vnto vs for to dwel with vs & to be one people: if all the men children that are among vs be circumcised as they are.
34:23Their goodes and their substaunce, & all theyr cattel are ours, only let vs consent vnto them, that they may dwell with vs.
34:24And vnto Hemor and Sichem hys sonne harkened al that went out at the gate of hys city. And al the men children were circumcised whatsoeuer went out at the gates of his city.
34:25And the thyrd day when it was paynfull to them .ij. two of the sons of Iacob Simeon, & Leuy Dinas brethren, toke either of them his swerd & went into the citye boldly, & slewe al that was male,
34:26and slewe also Hemor and Sichem his sonne wt the edge of the swerde, and toke Dina their syster oute of Sichems house, and went theyr way.
34:27Then came the sonnes of Iacob vpon the dead, & spoyled the city, bicause they had defyled theyr syster:
34:28and toke theyr shepe, oxen asses and what so euer was in the citye, and also in the fyeldes.
34:29And all theyr goodes, all theyr chyldren, and theyr wyues toke they captiue and made hauocke of al that was in the houses.
34:30And Iacob sayd to Simeon and Leui: ye haue troubled me and made me stincke vnto the inhabitours of the Lande, boeth to the Canaanites and also vnto the Pherezites. And I am a fewe in numbre. Wherefore they shal gather them selues togyther against me & slee me, & so shal I and my house be destroied.
34:31And they answered: shold they deale with our sister as wyth an whore.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.