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Matthew's Bible 1537



43:1And the derth waxed sore in the lande.
43:2And when they had eaten vp the corne which they brought out of the lande of Egypt, their father sayde vnto them: go agayn and by vs a lytle food.
43:3Than sayd Iuda vnto him: the man dyd testifye vnto vs sayinge loke that ye sea not my face excepte your brother be wyth you.
43:4Therfore yf thou wylt sende oure brother wyth vs, we wyl go and bye the food.
43:5But yf thou wylt not sende hym, we wyl not goo: for the man sayde vnto vs: loke that ye see not my face, excepte your brother be wyth you.
43:6And Israel sayd: wherfore delt ye so cruelly with me, as to tel the man that ye had yet another brother?
43:7And they sayde: The man asked vs of our kynred sayinge: is youre father yet alyue? haue ye not another brother? And we tolde him acording to these wordes. How could we knowe that he wold byd vs bryng oure brother doune wyth vs?
43:8Than sayd Iuda vnto Israel his father: Send the lad with me, and we wyll ryse and go, that we maye lyue and not dye: both we, thou and also oure chyldren.
43:9I wylbe suerty for him, & of my handes requyre him. If I bryng him not to the and set hym before thyne eyes, than let me bere the blame for euer.
43:10For except we had made thys taryeng: by thys, we had bene there twyse, and come agayne.
43:11Than their father Israel sayd vnto them: Yf it must nedes be so now: than do thus, take of the best frutes of the lande in your vesselles, and brynge the man a present, a curtesye of bawlme, and a curtesy of hony, spices and myrre, dates & almondes.
43:12And take as moch money more wyth you. And the money that was brought agayne in youre sackes, take it agayn with you, peraduenture it was som ouersyghte.
43:13Take also your brother wyth you, & aryse & go agayn to the man.
43:14And God almightye geue you mercy in the syghte of the man and send you youre other brother and also BenIamin, and I wylbe as a man robbed of his chyldren.
43:15Thus toke they the present and twyse so moche more money with them, and BenIamin. And rose vp, went doune to Egipte, and presented them selfes to Ioseph.
43:16When Ioseph sawe BenIamin with them, he sayde to the ruelar of his house: brynge these men home & sley and make redy: for they shal dyne with me at none.
43:17And the man dyd as Ioseph bad, and brought them in to Iosephes house.
43:18When they were brought to Iosephs house, they were afrayde and sayde: because of the money that came in oure sackes mouthes at the fyrst tyme, are we brought, to pyke a quarell with vs and to laye some thynge to oure charge to bryng vs in bondage and our asses also.
43:19Therfore came they to the man that was the ruelar ouer Iosephes house, & comened with him at the door
43:20& sayde. Syr, we came hyther at the fyrste tyme to bye food,
43:21& as we came to an inne and opened oure sackes: beholde, euery mannes money was in his sacke with full weyghte: But we haue brought it agayne with vs,
43:22and other mony haue we brought also in oure handes, to bye foode, but we can not tel who put our money in oure sackes.
43:23And he sayde: be of good chere, feare not: your God and the god of youre fathers, hath put you that treasure in youre sackes, for I had youre money. And he brought Simeon out to them
43:24& led them into Iosephes house, and gaue them water to washe their fete, and gaue their asses prouender:
43:25And they made redy their present against Ioseph came at none, for they herde say that they shuld dyne there.
43:26When Ioseph came home, they brought the present into the house to him, which they had in their handes, and fel flat on the ground befor him.
43:27And he welcomed them courteously saying: is youre father that olde man whych ye tolde me of, in good health? and is he yet alyue?
43:28they answered: thy seruaunt our father is in good health and is yet aliue. And they bowed them selues and fel to the ground.
43:29And he lyfte vp his eyes & behelde his brother BenIamin his mothers sonne, & sayde: is thys your yongest brother of whome ye sayde vnto me? And sayde: God be mercyful vnto the my sonne.
43:30And Ioseph made hast (for his hert did melt vpon his brother) & sought where to wepe, & entred in to his chambre, for to wepe there.
43:31And he wasshed hys face & came out and reframed him self, and bad, set bread on the table.
43:32And they prepared for hym by hym selfe, & for them by them selues, & for the Egipcians the Egypcians may not eate bread wyth the Hebrues, for that is an abhominacion vnto the Egypcians.
43:33And they sat before hym: the eldest acordynge vnto hys age, and the yongest accordyng vnto his youth. And the men marueled among them selues.
43:34And thei brought rewardes vnto them from before hym: but Beniamins parte was fyue tymes so moche as any of theyrs. And they eate and dronke, and were dronke with hym.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.