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21:1And whan they drew nye vnto Ierusalem, and were come to Bethphage, vnto mounte Olyuete: then sent Iesus two discyples,
21:2saying vnto them: Go into the towne that lyeth ouer agaynst yon, and anone ye shall fynde an asse bound, and a colte with her: loose them, & bringe them vnto me.
21:3And yf eny man saye ought vnto you, say ye: the Lorde hath neade of them: & streyght waye he wyll let them go.
21:4All this was done, that it might be fulfylled which was spoken by the prophete, saying.
21:5Tell ye the daughter of Sion: beholde, thy kynge commeth vnto the, meke, syttinge vpon an asse & a colte, the fole of the asse vsed to the yocke.
21:6The discyples went & dyd as Iesus commaunded them,
21:7& brought the asse, & the colte, & put on them their clothes, & sett him theron.
21:8And many of the people spred their garmentes in the waye. Other cut doune braunches from the trees, & strawed them in the waye.
21:9Moreouer, the people that went before, & they that came after, cried saying: Hosanna to the sonne of Dauid Blessed is he that commeth in the name of the Lord Hosanna in the hyest.
21:10And when he was come to Ierusalem, all the citie was moued, saying: who is this?
21:11And the people sayd: this is Iesus the Prophet of Nazareth (a cyte) of Galile
21:12And Iesus went into the temple of God, & cast out all them that solde & bought in the temple, & ouerthrew the tables of the mony chaungers, & the seates of them that solde doues,
21:13& sayd vnto them: It is wrytten my house shalbe called the house of prayer. But ye haue made it a denne of theues.
21:14And the blynde & the halt came to him in the temple, & he healed them.
21:15When the chefe Prestes & Scribes sawe the wonders that he dyd, & the chyldren cryinge in the temple (& sayinge: Hosanna to the sonne of Dauid) they disdayned,
21:16and sayd vnto him: hearest thou what these saye? But Iesus saieth vnto them why not? haue ye neuer redde. Out of the mouth of babes & suckelynges thou haste ordeyned prayse?
21:17And he lefte them, and went out of the cytie vnto Bethanie, & had his abydinge there.
21:18In the mornynge as he returned into the cytie agayne, he hungred:
21:19& whan he had spyed a fygge tree in the waye, he came to it, & founde nothynge theron, but leaues onely, & sayde vnto it: Neuer frute growe on the hence forwardes. And anone the fygg tree widdered awaye.
21:20And when hys discyples sawe it, they marueled, saying. How soone is the fygge tree wydderd awaye?
21:21Iesus answered, and sayd vnto them: Uerely I saye vnto you yf ye haue fayth & dout not, ye shal not onely do this that is happened vnto the fygge tree: but also yf ye shall saye vnto this mountayne, remoue, & cast thy selfe into the see, it shalbe done.
21:22And all thinges whatsoeuer ye aske in prayer (yf ye beleue) ye shall receaue them.
21:23And when he was come in to the temple, the chefe Prestes & the elders of the people came vnto him (as he was teachinge) & sayde By what auctorite doest thou these thinges? & who gaue the thys power?
21:24Iesus answered & sayde vnto them: I also wyll aske of you a certayne thing, which yf ye tell me, I in lyke wyse will tell you by what auctorite I do these thinges.
21:25The baptime of Iohn: whence was it? from heauen or of men? And they thought amonge them selues, saying: yf we saye from heauen, he wyll saye vnto vs: why dyd ye not then beleue him?
21:26But yf we shall saye of men, then feare we the people. For all men holde Iohn as a prophet.
21:27And they answered vnto Iesus & sayde: we cannot tell. And he sayd vnto them: nether tell I you, by what auctorite I do these thynges.
21:28What saye ye to this? A man had two sonnes, & cam to the fyrst, & sayde: sonne, go & worke to daye in my vineyarde.
21:29He answered & sayde, I wyll not, but afterward, he repented, & went.
21:30Then cam he to the seconde, & sayd lykewise. And he answered, & sayd: I will syr, & went not.
21:31Whether of them twayne dyd the wyll of the father? And they saye vnto him: the fyrst. Iesus sayeth vnto them: verely I saye vnto you, the publicans & harlotes go into the kyngdom of God before you.
21:32For Iohn cam vnto you by the waye of ryghtewesnes, and ye beleued hym not: but publicans & harlottes beleued hym. And ye (whan ye had sene it) were not moued afterwarde wyth repentaunce, that ye myght haue beleued hym.
21:33Herken another symilitude Ther was a certaine man an housholder, whych planted a vineyarde, & hedged it rounde about, & made a wynepresse in it, & bilt a tower, and let it out to husbandmen, & went into a straung countre.
21:34And when the tyme of the frute drewe neare, he sent his seruauntes to the husbandmen that they myght receaue the frutes of it.
21:35And the husbandmen caught his seruauntes, & bet one, killed another, & stoned another.
21:36Againe, he sent other seruauntes, moo then the fyrst: and they dyd vnto them lykewyse.
21:37But last of all, he sent vnto them his awne sonne, saying: they wyll stande in awe of my sonne.
21:38But when the husbandmen sawe the sonne, they sayd amonge them selues: This is the heyre: come, let vs kyll him, & let vs enioye his inheritaunce
21:39And they caught hym, & thrust hym out of the vineyarde, & slewe him.
21:40When the Lord therfore of the vineyard commeth, what wil he do vnto those husbandmen?
21:41They sayd vnto him: For asmoch as they be euell, he will cruellye destroye them, & will let out his vineyard vnto other husbandmen, which shall delyuer hym the frute in due seasons.
21:42Iesus sayeth vnto them: dyd ye neuer reade in the scriptures The stone whych the bylders refused, the same is become the heade of the corner: thys is the Lordes doinge, & it is meruelous in youre eyes.
21:43Therfore saye I vnto you, the kyngdom of God shalbe taken from you, and geuen to a nacion, whych shall brynge forth the frutes therof.
21:44And whosoeuer falleth on this stone, shalbe broken in peces: but on whomsoeuer it falleth it shall all to grynd hym.
21:45And when the chefe Prestes and Pharises had hearde hys parables, they perceaued, that he speake of them.
21:46And they went about to laye handes on him but they feared the people, because they tooke him as a Prophet
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."