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Matthew's Bible 1537



21:1When they drewe nygh vnto Ierusalem, and were come too Bethphage, to mount Oliuete: then sent Iesus two of his disciples,
21:2sayinge to them. Go into the towne that lyeth ouer agaynste you, and anone ye shal fynde an Asse bound, & her colte with her: lose them, and bringe them vnto me.
21:3And if any man saye ought vnto you, saye ye that the Lord hath nede of them: and streyght waye he will let them go.
21:4All this was done, to fulfill that whiche was spoken by the Prophet saying:
21:5Tel ye the doughter of Sion: beholde thyne kyng cometh vnto the meke, and sitting vpon an Asse and a colte, the fote of an Asse vsed to the yooke.
21:6The disciples went and did as Iesus commaunded them,
21:7& brought the Asse and the colte, and put on theym theyr clothes, and set him thereon.
21:8And many of the people spred their garmentes in the way. Other cut doune braunches from the trees, and strawed them in the waye.
21:9Moreouer the people that went before, and they also that came after, cryed sayinge: Hosanna to the sonne of Dauid. Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the Lorde Hosanna in the hyest.
21:10And when he was come into Ierusalem all the cytye was moued sayinge: who is thys?
21:11And the people sayd: this is Iesus the prophet of Nazareth a citie of Galile.
21:12And Iesus wente into the temple of God, and caste out all them that soulde and bought in the temple, & ouerthrewe the tables of the money chaungers, & the seates of them that solde doues,
21:13and sayde to them: It is writen, my house shalbe called the house of prayer. But ye haue made it a denne of theues.
21:14And the blind and the halt came to hym in the temple and he healed them.
21:15When the chiefe priestes sawe the marueylles that he dyd, and the chyldren criynge in the temple and saying: Hosanna to the sonne of Dauid, they disdayned,
21:16and sayde vnto hym: hearest thou what these saye? Iesus sayde to them, yea. Haue ye neuer reade, of the mouth of babes and suckelynges thou hast ordeyned prayse?
21:17And he lefte them, and wente out of the cytye vnto Bethanye, and had hys abydynge there.
21:18In the mornynge as he retourned into the cytie agayn, he hungred,
21:19and spyed a fygge tree in the waye, and came to it, and found nothynge thereon, but leaues onely, and sayed to it, neuer frute growe on the hence forwardes. And anone the figge tre wyddered away
21:20And when hys disciples sawe that, they marueyled sayinge: How sone is the fygge tree wyddered awaye?
21:21Iesus answered, and sayd vnto them: Verelye I say vnto you: if ye shal haue fayth, and shall not dout ye shall not onely do that which I haue done to the fygge tree but also yf ye shall saye vnto thys mountayne, take thy selfe awaye and cast thy selfe into the sea it shall be done.
21:22And whatsoeuer ye shall axe in prayer (yf ye beleue) ye shall receyue it.
21:23And when he was come into the temple, the chiefe Priestes and the elders of that people came vnto hym as he was teachynge, and sayde. By what auctoritie doest thou these thynges and who gaue the thys power?
21:24Iesus answered, and sayed vnto them: I also wil axe of you a certayne questyon, whiche yf ye assoyle me, I in lyke wyse wyll tell you by what authoritie I do these thynges.
21:25The baptisme of Iohn whence was it: from heauen or of men? Then they reasoned amonge themselues, sayinge: yf we shall saye from heauen, he wyll laye vnto vs: why dyd ye not then beleue hym?
21:26But and yf we shall saye of men, then feare we the people. For all men helde Iohn as a Prophete.
21:27And they answered Iesus and sayed: we cannot tell. And he lykewyse sayd vnto them: neyther tell I you by what authoritie I do these thynges.
21:28What saye ye to thys? A certayne man had two sonnes, and came to the elder and sayde: sonne go and worke to daye in my vyneyarde.
21:29He answered and sayde, I wyll not: but after warde repented and wente.
21:30Then came he to the seconde, and sayed lykewyse. And he answered and sayed: I wyll syr: yet wente not.
21:31Whether of them twayne dyd the wyll of the father? And they sayde vnto hym: the fyrst. Iesus sayde vnto them: verelye I saye vnto you, that the Publycans and the harlotes shall come into the kyngedome of God before you.
21:32For Iohn came vnto you in the waye of ryghtuousnes, and ye beleued hym not. But the Publicans and the harlotes beleued hym. And yet ye (thoughe ye sawe it) were not yet moued wyth repentaunce, that ye myght afterwarde haue beleued hym.
21:33Herken another similitude. There was a certayne housholder, which planted a vyneyard, and hedged it rounde aboute and made a wynepresse in it, and buylt a tower, and let it out to husbandmen, and went into a straunge countrey.
21:34And when the tyme of the frute drewe neare, he sente hys seruauntes to the husbandmen to receyue the fruytes of it.
21:35And the husbandmen caughte hys seruauntes and bet one, kylled another, and stoned another.
21:36Agayne he sent other seruauntes, mo then the fyrste, and they serued them lykewyse.
21:37But last of all, he sent vnto them hys owne sonne, sayinge: they wyll feare my sonne.
21:38But when the husbandmen sawe the sonne, they sayde amonge them selues. Thys is the heyre: come let vs kyll hym, and let vs take hys enheritaunce to oure selues.
21:39And they caughte hym and thruste him out of the vyneyard, and slewe hym.
21:40When the Lorde of the vyneyard cometh, what wyll he do with those husbandmen?
21:41They sayed vnto hym: he wyll cruellye destroye those euyll persons, and wyll let out hys vyneyarde vnto other husbandmen, which shall delyuer hym the frute at tymes conuenient.
21:42Iesus sayde vnto them: dyd ye neuer reade in the scriptures. The stone which the buylders refused, the same is set in the principall parte of the corner: thys was the Lordes doynge, and it is meruelous in oure eyes.
21:43Therfore saye I vnto you the kyngdome of God shalbe taken from you, and shalbe gyuen to the gentyles, whiche shall brynge forth the frutes of it.
21:44And whosoeuer shall fall ou thys stone, he shalbe broken, but on whosoeuer it shall fall vpon, it wyll grynde hym to powder.
21:45And when the chiefe priestes and pharyses hearde these similitudes, they perceyued that he spake of them.
21:46And they wente aboute to laye handes on hym, but they feared the people, because they toke hym as a Prophete.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.