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The Great Bible 1539



12:1And the Lord spake vnto Moses and Aaron in the lande of Egipt, sayinge:
12:2Thys monethe shalbe vnto you the beginning of monethes: and the fyrst moneth of the yeare shall it be vnto you.
12:3Speake ye vnto all the congregacyon of Israel, saying: In the .x. daye of thys moneth, euery man take vnto him a lambe, according to the house of the fathers, a lambe thorowout euery house.
12:4Yf the housholde be to lytle for the lambe, let hym take hys neyghboure which is nexte vnto his house according to the nombre of the soules: euery one of you, according to his eating, shal make your counte for a lambe.
12:5And let the lambe of yours be wtout blemysh, a male of a yeare olde, which ye shall take out from amonge the shepe, or from amonge the goates.
12:6And ye shall kepe him in vntyll the .xiiij. daye of the same moneth. And euery man of the multitude of Israel shall kyll him about euen.
12:7And they shall take of the bloud, & strike it on the .ij. syde postes & on the vpperdorepost euen in the houses, where they shall eate hym.
12:8And they shall eate the flesh the same night: rost wt fyer & wt vnleuended bread, & wt sowre herbes they shall eate it.
12:9Se that ye eate not therof rawe ner soden in water, but roste wt fier: the head, fete, & purtenaunce therof.
12:10And ye shall let nothyng of it remayne vnto the morning. That which remayneth of it vntyll the morowe, shall ye burne with fyer.
12:11Of this maner shall ye eate it: with your loynes gyrded, and your shoes on your fete, and your staues in your handes. And ye shall eate it in haste: for it is the Lordes passeouer:
12:12for I wyll passe thorowe the lande of Egipt this same nyght, and wyll smytte all the first borne in the land of Egipt, both of man and beaste, and vpon all the goddes of Egipt will I the Lord do execution.
12:13And the bloude shalbe vnto you a token in the houses wherin ye are. And when I se the bloud, I will passe ouer you, and the plage shal not be vpon you to destroye you, when I smyte the lande of Egipte.
12:14And this daye shalbe vnto you a remembraunce: and ye shall kepe it holy vnto the Lorde, euen thorowout youre generatyons shall ye kepe it holy daie, that it be a custome for euer.
12:15Seuen dayes shall ye eat vnleuended bread: and the fyrste daye ye shall put a waye leuen out of youre houses. For whosoeuer eateth leuended bread from the fyrst daye vntill the seuenth daye, that soule shalbe plucked out from Israel.
12:16The fyrste daye shalbe an holy conuocation, and the seuenth daye shalbe an holy conuocation vnto you. There shalbe no maner of worcke done in them, saue about that onely which euery man must eate, that onely maye ye do.
12:17And ye shall obserue vnleuended bread. For this same daye haue I brought your armyes out of the lande of Egypte, therfore ye shall obserue this daye, & all your children after you, by a custome for euer.
12:18The fyrst moneth and the .xiiij. daye of the moneth at euen, ye shall eate swete bread vnto the .xxj. daye of the moneth at euen agayne.
12:19Seuen dayes shall there be no leuended breade founde in youre houses. And whosoeuer eateth leuended bread, that soule shalbe roted out from the multitude of Israel: whyther he be a straunger or borne in the lande.
12:20Ye shall eate nothyng leuended: but in all your habitations shall ye eate swete bread.
12:21Moses called for the elders of Israel, and sayde vnto them: chose out and take you to euery housholde of you a shepe, and kyll it for passeouer.
12:22And take a bunche of ysope, & dyp it in the bloude that is in the basen, and stryke the vpperposte and the two syde postes with the bloud that is in the basen, and none of you go out at the dore of hys house, vntyll the mornyng.
12:23For the Lorde will go about to smyte the Egipcians. And when he seeth the bloude vpon the vpper dore poste & on the two side postes: he will passe ouer the dore, and will not suffer the destroyer to come into your house to plage you.
12:24Therfore shall ye obserue this thing, that it be an ordinaunce both to the and thy sonnes for euer.
12:25And when ye become into the land which the Lorde wyll geue you, accordynge as he hath promysed, ye shall kepe thys seruyce.
12:26And when youre chyldren aske you what maner of seruyce is this ye do,
12:27ye shall saye: it is the sacrifyce of the Lordes passe ouer, which passed ouer the houses of the children of Israel in Egipte, as he smote the Egypcians, and saued oure houses. And the people bowed them selues, and worshypped:
12:28And the chyldren of Israel went, and dyd as the Lorde had commaunded Moses and Aaron. Euen so dyd they.
12:29And at mydnight, the Lorde smote all the fyrst borne in the lande of Egipte, from the fyrst borne of Pharao that satte on hys seate, vnto the fyrst borne of the captyue that was in preson: and all the fyrste gendred of catell.
12:30And Pharao arose in the nyghte, he and all his seruauntes and all the Egipcians: and there was a greate cryinge in Egipt: for there was no house where there was not one deed.
12:31And he called vnto Moses and Aaron by nyght, saying: ryse vp, and get you oute from amonge my people: both ye and also the children of Israel, and go and serue the Lorde as ye haue sayde.
12:32And take youre shepe and your droues with you as ye haue sayde, and departe and blesse me.
12:33And the Egypcians were fierce vpon the people, that they myght sende them out of the lande in haste: for they sayde: we dye all.
12:34And the people toke their dowgh before it was sowred, and theyr vitayles bounde in clothes vpon theyr shoulders.
12:35And the children of Israel dyd accordyng to the saying of Moses: and they borowed of the Egipcyans iewelles of siluer, and iewelles of golde, and rayment.
12:36And the Lorde gaue the people fauoure in the syght of the Egippcians: so that they graunted soch thinges as they required. And they robbed the Egypcians.
12:37And the children of Israel toke their iorneye from Rameses to Suchoth syxe hundred thousande men of fote, besyde children.
12:38And moch comon people went also wt them, and shepe, and oxen, and exceadynge great flocke.
12:39And they baked swete cakes of the dowgh which they brought out of Egipt, for it was not sowred. For when they were thrust oute by the Egipcyans, they coulde not tarie to prepare them selues any prouisyon of meate:
12:40The dwellinge of the children of Israel, which they dwelled in Egipte, was .iiij. hundred and .xxx. yeares:
12:41and when the .iiij. hundred and .xxx. yeares were expired, euen the selfe same daye departed all the hoostes of the Lorde out of the lande of Egipt,
12:42It is a nyght to be obserued to the Lorde, in the which he brought them oute of the lande of Egypte. Thys is that nyghte of the Lorde which all the chyldren of Israel muste kepe thorowout theyr generations.
12:43And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses and Aaron: This is the lawe of passeouer: there shall no straunger eate therof.
12:44But euery seruaunt that is bought for money (after that thou hast circumcised him) shall eate therof.
12:45A straunger and a hyerd seruaunt shall not eate therof.
12:46In one house shall it be eaten. Thou shalte carye none of the fleshe oute at the house. Neyther shall ye breake a bone therof.
12:47All the multitude shall obserue it.
12:48If a straunger also dwell amonge you, & will holde passeouer vnto the Lorde, let him circumcyse all that be males: and then lett him come and obserue it, and he shall be as one that is borne in the lande. For no vncircumcised persone shall eate therof.
12:49One maner of lawe shalbe vnto him that is borne in the lande, and vnto the straunger that dwelleth amonge you.
12:50And all the chyldren of Israel dyd as the Lorde commaunded Moses and Aaron. Euen so dyd they.
12:51And the self same daye dyd the Lorde bring the chyldren of Israel out of the lande of Egipt with their armyes.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."