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Matthew's Bible 1537



12:1And the lord spake vnto Moses & Aaron in the lande of Egipt saying:
12:2This moneth shal be your chiefe moneth: euen of the fyrst moneth of the yeare shal it be vnto you.
12:3Speake ye vnto all the felowshyp of Israell saying: That they take the .x. day of thys moneth to euery houshold a shepe.
12:4If the houshold be to few for a shepe, then let hym & his neighboure that is next vnto his house, take accordynge to the numbre of the soules, & counte vnto a shepe accordynge to euery mans eatynge.
12:5A shepe without spot & a male of one yere olde shal it be, and from amonge the lambes and the gootes shal ye take it.
12:6And ye shall kepe hym in, vntyll the .xiiij. daye of the same moneth. And euery man of the multitude of Israel shal kyl hym aboute euen.
12:7And they shall take of the bloud & strike it on the two side postes & on the vpperdore post of the houses, wherin they eate hym.
12:8And they shal eate the flesh the same nyghte, rost with fyre and with vnleuended bread, & wt sowre herbes they shall eate it.
12:9Se that ye eate not therof rawe ner soden in water, but rost with fyre: both the head, fete, & purtenance together.
12:10And se that ye let nothyng of it remayne vnto the mornyng: yf ought remayne burne it wyth fyre.
12:11Of thys maner shal ye eate it: with youre loynes gyrded, and shoes on youre fete, and your staues in your handes. And ye shal eate it in haste, for it is the Lordes passeouer,
12:12for I wyl go aboute in the lande of Egypte thys same nyght, and wyl smyte al the fyrste borne in the lande of Egypte, both of man & beast, and vpon all the Goddes of Egypte wyl I the Lorde do execution.
12:13And the bloud shall be vnto you a token vpon the houses wherin ye are, for when I se the bloude, I wyl passe ouer you, and the plage shal not be vpon you to destroye you, when I smyte the land of Egypte.
12:14And thys daye shal be vnto you a remembraunce, & ye shall kepe it holy vnto the Lord: euen thorow out your generacions after you shal ye kepe it holy daye, that it be a custome for euer.
12:15Seuen dayes shall ye eate vnleuended bread, so that euen the fyrst daye ye shall put awaye leuen out of youre housses. For whosoeuer eateth leuended bread from the fyrst day vntyl the .vij. day, that soule shal be plucked out from Israel.
12:16The fyrste daye shalbe a holy feaste vnto you, & the .vij. also. There shall be no maner of worcke done in them, saue about that only which euery man must eate that only may ye do.
12:17And se that ye kepe you to vnleuended bread. For vpon that same day I wyl brynge your armyes out of the lande of Egypte, therfore ye shal obserue thys day and al your children after you, that it be a custome for euer.
12:18The fyrst moneth & the .xiiij. daye of the moneth at euen, ye shall eate swete breed vnto the .xxi. daye of the moneth at euen agayne.
12:19Seuen dayes se that there be no leuended bread founde in your houses. For whosoeuer eateth leuended bread, that soule shalbe roted out from the multitude of Israel: whether he be a straunger or borne in the lande.
12:20Therfore se that ye eate not leuended bread, but in all youre habitacions eate swete bread.
12:21And Moses called for the elders of Israel & sayde vnto them: chose out & take to euerye housholde a shepe, & kyl passeouer.
12:22And take a bunch of ysope, & dyppe it in the bloud that is in the basyn, and strycke it vpon the vpper poste & on the two syde postes, & se that none of you go out at the dore of hys house vntyll the mornyng.
12:23For the Lord wyll goo aboute & smyte Egipte. And when he seyth the bloud vpon the vpper door poste & on the two syde postes, he wyl passe ouer the doore, & wyll not suffre the destroyer to come in to youre house to plage you.
12:24Therfore se that thou obserue thys thyng, that it be an ordynaunce to the & thy sonnes for euer.
12:25And when ye be come in to the land which the Lord wyl geue you accordyng as he hath promysed, se that ye kepe thys seruyce.
12:26And when youre children axe you what maner of seruyce is thys ye do?
12:27Ye shal say: it is the sacrifice of the Lordes passeouer, which passed ouer the houses of the chyldren of Israel in Egypte, as he smote the Egypcyans & saued oure houses. Than the people bowed them selues & worshypped.
12:28And the chyldren of Israel went, and dyd as the Lord had commaunded Moses and Aaron.
12:29And at mydnyght the Lorde smote all the fyrst borne in the land of Egypt: from the fyrst borne of Pharao that sat on his seat, vnto the fyrst borne of the captyue that was in presone, & all the fyrst borne of catell.
12:30Than Pharao arose the same nyght & al hys seruauntes and al the Egypcians: & there was a great crieng thorow out Egypte, for there was no house where there was not one deed.
12:31And he called vnto Moses and Aaron by nyghte sayinge: Ryse vp, & get you out from amonge my people: both ye & also the children of Israel, & go & serue the Lorde as ye haue sayd.
12:32And take youre shepe and your oxen wt you as ye haue sayd, & departe & blesse me also.
12:33And the Egipcians were ferce vpon the people, & made haste to send them oute of the land: for they sayd: we be al deed men.
12:34And the people toke the dough before it was sowered whych they had in stoare, and bounde it in clothes, & put it vpon their shoulders.
12:35And the chyldren of Israel dyd accordyng to the saying of Moses: and they borowed of the Egypcyans yewels of siluer, and yewels of gold, and rayment.
12:36And the Lorde gat the people fauour in the syghte of the Egypcians: and so they borowed & robbed the Egypcyans.
12:37Thus toke the children of Israel their yourneye from Rameses to Suchoth .vi. hundred thousand men of foote, besyde chyldren.
12:38And moch comon people went also with them, and shepe, & oxen, & catell exceadyng moch.
12:39And they baked swete cakes of the dough whych they broughte out of Egypte, for it was not sowered: because they were thrust oute of Egypte & coulde not tarye, nether had they prepared any other prouision of meate.
12:40And the tyme of the dwellynge of the chyldren of Israel which they dwelled in Egyte, was .iiij. hundred & .xxx. yere.
12:41And when the .iiij. hundred & .xxx. yeres were expyred, euen the selfe same daye departed all the hostes of the Lorde out of the lande of Egypt.
12:42This is a nyght to be obserued to the Lorde, because he brought them out of the lande of Egypte. Thys is a nyghte of the Lorde to be kepte of al the chyldren of Israel and of their generacions after them.
12:43And the Lord sayd vnto Moses & Aaron: thys is the maner of Passeouer; there shal no straunger eate therof,
12:44but all the seruauntes that are bought for money shall ye cyrcumcyse, and then let them eate therof.
12:45A straunger and a hyerd seruaunte shalnot eate therof.
12:46In one house shal it be eaten. Ye shall carie none of the flesh out at the doores: more ouer se that ye breke not a bone therof.
12:47All the multitude of the chyldren of Israel shall obserue it.
12:48If a straunger dwel among you, and wyl holde Passeouer vnto the Lorde, let him circumcyse al that be males, and then let hym come and obserue it, and be taken as one that is borne in the lande. No vncircumcised person shal eate therof:
12:49one maner of law shalbe vnto them that are borne in the lande, and vnto the straungers that dwell amonge you.
12:50And al the chyldren of Israel dyd as the Lord commaunded Moses and Aaron.
12:51And euen the self same daye dyd the Lorde brynge the chyldren of Israel out of the lande of Egypt wyth their armyes.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.