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The Great Bible 1539



26:1The tabernacle shalt thou make wt ten curtaynes of whyte twyned sylke: yelowe sylke, purple and scarlet. And in them thou shalt make pictures of broderd worke.
26:2The length of one curtayne shalbe eyght and twenty cubytes, & the bredth of one curtayne foure cubytes, and euery one of the curtaynes shall haue one measure:
26:3fyue curtaynes shalbe coupled together one to another: and fyue curtaynes shalbe coupled together one to another.
26:4And thou shalt make lowpes of yelow sylke, a longe by the edge of the one curtayne which is in the seluege of the couplynge courtayne. And lykewyse shalt thou make in the edge of the vtmost curtayne that is to be coupled therwith on the other syde.
26:5Fyftye lowpes shalt thou make in the one curtayne, and fyftie lowpes shalt thou make in the edge of the curtayne that is to be couppled therwith on the other syde: that the lowpes maye take holde one of a nother.
26:6And thou shalt make fyftye buttons of golde, and couple the curtaynes together with the buttons: and it shalbe one habitacyon.
26:7And thou shalt make .xi. curtaynes of gotes heere, to be a coueringe vpon the Tabernacle.
26:8The length of a curtayne shalbe .xxx. cubytes and the bredeth foure and they shalbe all .xi. of one measure.
26:9And thou shalt couple .v. curtaynes by them selues, and the sixe by them selues, and shalt double the syxt in the fore front of the tabernacle.
26:10And thou shalt make fyftye lowpes in the edge of the vtmost curtayne on the one syde: euen in the edge of the couplynge courtayne:
26:11and fyftye lowpes in the edge of the other curtayne that must be ioyned vnto it. And thou shalt make fyftie buttones of brasse and put them on the lowpes, and couple the couerynge to gether, that it maye be one.
26:12And the remnaunt that resteth in the curtaynes of the couerynge: euen the halfe curtayne that resteth, shalbe lefte on the backe sydes of the habitacyon:
26:13that a cubyte on the one syde and a cubyte on the other syde maye remayne in the length of the curtaynes of the coueryng, and that it maye remayne of ether syde of the habitacyon to couer it with all.
26:14And vpon the Tabernacle thou shalt make a couerynge of rams skynnes dyed redd: & yet a coueringe aboue all of taxus skynnes.
26:15And thou shalt make bordes for the habitacyon of sethim wod to stonde vp ryghte:
26:16ten cubytes longe shall euery borde be, and a cubite & an halfe brode.
26:17Two fete shall there be in one borde: and they shalbe separate one from another. And thus shalt thou make for all the bordes of the Tabernacle.
26:18And thou shalt make .xx. bordes for the habitacyon on the south syde,
26:19and thou shalt make .xl. sockettes of syluer vnder the .xx. bordes two sockettes vnder one borde; for hys two fete,
26:20& two sockettes vnder another borde for his two fete. In lyke maner in the north syde of the habitacyon there shalbe .xx. bordes
26:21and .xl. sockettes of syluer: two sockettes vnder one borde, and two sockettes vnder another borde.
26:22And in the west ende of the habitacyon, shalt thou make syxe bordes,
26:23and two bordes shalt thou make in the corners of the habitacyon in the metynge together of the two sydes.
26:24And they shall be coupled together beneth and lyke wyse aboue to a rynge. And thus shall it be for the two bordes that are in the corners.
26:25And they shalbe eyght bordes, hauynge sockettes of syluer, euen syxtene sokettes: that there maye be two sokettes vnder one borde, and two sokettes vnder another borde.
26:26And thou shalt make barres of sethim wodd, fyue for the bordes of the Tabernacle in one syde, and fyue barres for the bordes of the Tabernacle in the other syde,
26:27and fyue barres for the bordes of the Tabernacle in the west ende.
26:28And the mydle barre shall goo alonge thorowe the myddes of the bordes from the one ende vnto the other.
26:29And thou shalt couer the bordes with golde, and make theyr rynges of golde, to put the barres thorowe, and thou shalt couer the barres with golde also.
26:30And thou shalt rere vp the habitacyon accordynge to the facion therof, as it was shewed the in the mount.
26:31And thou shalt make a vayle of yelowe sylke, of purpull, scarlet, and whyte twyned sylke. Of broderd worke with pictures shalt thou make it.
26:32And hange it vpon foure pilers of sethim wodd couerd with golde. Whose heades shalbe of golde, stondynge vpon foure sockettes of syluer.
26:33And thou shalt hange vp the vayle wyth rynges, that thou mayest bringe in (with in the vayle) the arcke of witnesse. And the vayle shall vnto you deuyde the holye from the most holy.
26:34And thou shalt put the mercy seate vpon the arcke of wytnesse in the holyest place.
26:35And thou shalt put the table without the vayle: and the candelsticke ouer agaynst the table on the south syde of the habitacyon. And put the table on the north syde.
26:36And thou shalt make an hangynge for the dore of the Tabernacle: of yelowe sylke purple, scarlet, and white twined sylk wroughte with nedle worke.
26:37And thou shalt make for the hangyng, fyue pillers of sethim wodd and couer them with golde, and theyr knoppes shalbe of golde, and thou shalt cast fyue sockettes of brasse for them.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."