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The Great Bible 1539



36:1And Bezaleel wrought, & Aholiab and all wyse harted men, to whom the Lorde gaue wysdome and vnderstandynge, to knowe howe to worcke all maner worke for the seruyce of the Sanctuary, and all that the Lorde had commaunded.
36:2And Moses called Bezaleel, Aholiab and all the wyse herted men and soche as the Lorde had geuen wysdome vnto, and as many as theyr hartes coraged to come vnto that worcke to worcke it.
36:3And they receaued of Moses all the present, whyche the chyldren of Israell had brought for the worcke of the seruyce of the Sanctuary, to make it. And besyde that they brought giftes vnto it euery daye in the mornynge.
36:4And all the wyse men that wrought all the holye worcke, came euery man from hys worcke whyche they made,
36:5and spake vnto Moses, sayinge: the people brynge to moche and more then ynough for the seruyce and worcke whyche the Lord hath commaunded to be made.
36:6And then Moses gaue a commaundement, and they caused it to be proclaymed thorowe out the hoste sayinge: se that nether man nor woman prepare any moare worcke for the present of the Sanctuary: and so the people were forbydden to bringe:
36:7for the stuffe they had, was sufficyent for all the worcke, to make it, and to moche.
36:8All the wyse harted men therfore, and they that wroughte for the habitacyon, made ten curtaynes of whyte twyned sylke, yelowe sylke, purple and scarlet: with pictures of broderd worcke made he them.
36:9The length of one curtayne was .xxviii. cubytes, and the breadth foure and the curtaynes were all of one syse.
36:10And he coulpled fyue curtayns by them selues, and other fyue by them selues.
36:11And he made lowpes of yelowe sylke alonge by the edge of one curtayne, euen in the seluege of the couplynge courtayne. And lykewyse he made on the syde of the couplynge curtayne on the other syde.
36:12Fyftye lowpes made he in the one curtayne, & fyftye in the edge of the couplynge curtayne on the other syde: and the lowpes helde one curtayne to another.
36:13And he made fyftye rynges of golde, and coupled the curtaynes one to another wyth the rynges: and so was it made one dwellynge place.
36:14And he made .xi. curtaynes of goates herre, to be a tent ouer the tabernacle.
36:15The length of a curtayne, had .xxx. cubytes and was foure cubites brode, and they all eleuen of one syse.
36:16And he coupled fyue curtaynes by them selues, & syxe by them selues,
36:17and he made fyftye lowpes alonge by the border of the vtmost couplynge curtayne, and fyftye in the edge of the other couplynge curtayne.
36:18And he made fyftye rynges of brasse to couple the tent together, that it myght be one.
36:19And he made a couerynge vpon the tent of rammes skynnes redd, and yet another of taxus skinnes aboue that.
36:20And he made stondynge bordes (for the tabernacle) of Sethim wodd.
36:21The length of a borde was ten cubytes, the breadth one cubyte and a halfe.
36:22One borde had two fete, wherby they were ioyned one to another. And thus made he for all the bordes of the Tabernacle.
36:23And he made .xx. bordes for the southsyde of the habitacyon,
36:24and .xl. sockettes of syluer vnder the .xx. boordes two sockettes vnder one boorde, for his two fete.
36:25And for the other syde of the dwelling which is towarde the north, he made twentye boordes,
36:26& theyr fourtye sockettes of syluer, two sockettes vnder one boorde.
36:27And towarde the west ende of the Tabernacle. He made syxe boordes,
36:28and two other bordes made he in the corners of the habitacyon for eyther syde,
36:29and they were ioyned closse beneth and aboue with a clampe, and thus they dyd to both the corners.
36:30And there were eyght boordes & syxtene sockettes, of syluer, vnder euery borde two sockettes.
36:31And he made barres of Sethim wodd fyue for the bordes of the Tabernacle in the one syde:
36:32and fyue for the bordes of the Tabernacle in the other syde, and fyue barres for the boordes of the habitacyon in the west ende.
36:33And he made the myddest barre to shote thorowe the bordes: euen from the one ende to the other,
36:34and ouerlayde the boordes wyth golde, and made rynges of golde to thrust the barres thorowe, and couered the barres wyth golde.
36:35And he made an hangyng of yelow sylke, purple, scarlet and whyte twyned sylke, euen with pyctures made he it of broderd worcke.
36:36And made ther vnto foure pillers of Sethim wodd, and ouerlayde them with golde. Theyr knoppes were also of golde, and he cast for them foure sockettes of syluer.
36:37And he made an hangynge for the tabernacle dore: of yelowe sylke, purple, scarlet and whyte twyned sylke of nedle worcke.
36:38And the fyue pylers of it with theyr knoppes, & ouerlayde the knoppes of them & the whopes wyth golde. Their fyue sockettes also were of brasse.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."