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Matthew's Bible 1537



10:1The Lord sayed vnto Moses: go vnto Pharao: neuerthelesse I haue hardened hys herte, & the hertes of hys seruauntes, that I myght shew these my signes amongest them,
10:2& that thou tell in the audience of thy sonne, & of thy sonnes sonne, the pageantes which I haue played in Egypt, and the miracles which I haue done among them: that ye may know how that I am the Lord.
10:3Then Moses and Aaron went in vnto Pharao, and sayd vnto hym: Thus sayth the Lorde God of the Hebrues: howe longe shall it be or thou wylt submit thy selfe vnto me? Let my people go that they may serue me.
10:4If thou wylt not lette my people go: beholde, to morrowe wyll I brynge greshoppers into thy lande,
10:5and they shall couer the face of the earth that it can not be seene, and they shal eate the residue whiche remayneth vnto you and escaped the hayle: and they shall eate all youre grene trees vppon the feilde,
10:6and they shall fyll thy houses, and all thy seruauntes houses, & the houses of al the Egyptyans after suche a maner: as nether thy fathers nor thi fathers fathers haue sene sence the tyme they were vpon the earth vnto thys day. And he turned him selfe about, and went out from Pharao.
10:7And Pharaos seruauntes said vnto him: How long shal we be thus euyll entreated? Lette the men goo that they maye serue the Lord theyr God: wylte thou not yet knowe that Egypt is destroyed?
10:8And then Moyses and Aaron were brought againe vnto Pharao, and he sayed vnto them: Goo and serue the Lorde youre God, but who are they that shall go?
10:9And Moyses answered: we wyll go with yonge and olde: yea, & with our sonnes and with our daughters, and wyth our shepe & oxen must we go. For we must hold a feast vnto the Lorde.
10:10And he sayd vnto them: let it be so? The Lorde be wyth you, should I lette you goo, and your chyldren also? Take hede, for ye haue some myschiefe in hande,
10:11Nay not so: but go ye that are men and serue the Lorde, for that was your desyre. And they thruste them out of Pharaos presence.
10:12And the Lord sayd vnto Moses: Stretch out thyne hande ouer the Lande of Egypte, for greshoppers, that they come vppon the Land of Egypt and eat all the herbes of the lande, and al that the hayle lefte vntouched.
10:13And Moses stretched forth his rod ouer the Lande of Egypt, and the Lorde brought an east wynd vpon the Land, all that daye and all nyghte. And in the mornynge the Easte wynde brought the Greshoppers,
10:14and the greshoppers wente vp ouer all the Land of Egypt and lyghted in all quarters of Egypte verye greuouslye: so that before theym were there no suche greshoppers, neither after them shal be.
10:15And they couered all the face of the earth, so that the land was darke therwyth. And they ate all the herbes of the land and all the fruites of the trees whyche the haile had left: so that there was no grene thynge left in the trees & herbes of the felde, thorow all the land of Egypte.
10:16Then Pharao, called for Moses & Aaron in haste & sayed: I haue synned agaynste the Lord your God and against you.
10:17Forgyue me yet my sinne only thys once, & pray vnto the Lord your God that he may take away from me thys death onely.
10:18And he went out from Pharao, & prayed vnto the Lord:
10:19& the Lord turned the wynd into a myghty strong west wynde, & it toke away the greshoppers and cast them into the rede sea: so that ther was not one greshopper in all the coastes of Egypte.
10:20But the Lorde hardened Pharaos herte, so that he woulde not lette the chyldren of Israell go.
10:21And the Lord sayd vnto Moses: Stretch out thy hand vnto heauen, & let ther be darcknesse vpon the land of Egypt: euen that they may fele the darckenes.
10:22And Moyses stretched forth hys hand vnto heauen, & ther was a thycke darckenes vpon al the land of Egipt .iij. dayes long,
10:23so that no man sawe another neither rose vp from the place wher he was by the space of .iij. dayes, but al the chyldren of Israel had light wher they dwelled.
10:24Then Pharao called for Moses & sayed: go and serue the Lord, onely let your shepe, & your oxen abyde, but let your children go wyth you.
10:25And Moses answered: thou must giue vs also offeringes, & burntofferings for to sacrifyce vnto the Lord our God:
10:26our catel therefore shall go with vs, and there shal not one hooffe be lefte behynde, for thereof muste we take to serue the Lorde oure God. Moreouer, we can not knowe wherewyth wee shall serue the Lorde, vntyl we come thyther.
10:27But the Lord hardened Pharaos hert, so that he wold not let them go.
10:28And Pharao said vnto him: get the from me, & take hede to thy selfe that thou se my face no more. For when so euer tou comest in my syghte, thou shalte dye.
10:29And Moses sayd: Let it be as thou hast sayd: I wyl se thy face no more.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.