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Matthew's Bible 1537



30:1And thou shalt make an alter to burne cense therein, of sethym woode:
30:2a cubite long, and a cubyte brode, euen fouresquare shal it be: and two cubytes hie, wyth hornes procedinge oute of it,
30:3and thou shalt ouerlay it wt fine gold, both the roffe and the walles round about, and his hornes also, & shalt make vnto it a crowne of gold round about
30:4& .ii. golden ringes on ether side: euen vnder the croune, to put staues therin for to beare it wt al.
30:5And thou shalt make the staues of sethym woode & couer them wt gold.
30:6And thou shalt put it before the vaile that hangeth before the arcke of wytnesse, and before the mercyseate that is before the witnesse, wher I will mete the.
30:7And Aaron shall burne theron swete cense euery mornyng when he dresseth the lampes
30:8and lykewyse at euen when he setteth vp the lampes he shall burne cense perpetually before the Lorde thorow oute youre generacyons.
30:9Ye shall put no straunge cense theron, nether burntsacrifyce nor meateoffrynge, nether power any drinkeoffryng theron.
30:10And Aaron shall reconcyle vpon the hornes of it once in a yere, wyth the bloude of the synne offerynge of reconcylynge: euen once in the yere shall he reconcyle it thorow youre generacyons. And so is it most holye vnto the Lord.
30:11And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saiyng
30:12when thou takest the summe of the children of Israel and tellest them, they shal geue euery man a reconcylynge of his soule vnto the Lorde that there be no plage amonge them when thou tellest them.
30:13And thus much shall euery man geue that goth in the number: halfe a sycle, after the sicle of the sanctuarye: a sicle is .xx. gears: and an halfe sicle shalbe the heueoffrynge vnto the Lord.
30:14And all that are numbred of them that are .xx. yere olde and aboue shall geue an heueofferynge vnto the Lorde.
30:15The ryche shall not passe, and the poore shall not go vnder halfe a syckle, when they geue an heue offeringe vnto the Lorde for the attonemente of their soules.
30:16And thou shalt take the reconcilynge mony of the children of Israell and shalt put it vnto the vse of the tabernacle of witnesse, and it shall be a memorial of the chyldren of Israell before the Lord, to make an attonement for their soules.
30:17And the Lord spake vnto Moses saiynge:
30:18thou shalt make a lauer of brasse & hys fote also of brasse to wash with all, and shalt put it betwene the tabernacle of witnesse, and the alter and put water therin:
30:19that Aaron and hys sonnes maye wash both their handes & their fete thereoute,
30:20when they goo into the tabernacle of wytnesse, or when they go vnto the altare to minister and to burne the Lordesoffrynge, lest they dye.
30:21And it shalbe an ordinaunce for euer vnto him and his sede amonge youre chyldren after you.
30:22And the Lord spake vnto Moses saiynge:
30:23take principall spices: of pure myrre fyue hundred sycles, of swete cynamon halfe so much two hundred and fiftye sycles:
30:24of swete Calamite, two hundred and .l. of Cassia, two hundred and .l. after the holye sycle, and of oyle oliue an hin.
30:25And make of them holy anointynge oyle euen an oyle compounde after the crafte of the apoticarye.
30:26And noynte the tabernacle of wytnesse therewith, and the arke of wytnesse,
30:27and the table wyth all hys apparell, and the candelsticke wyth al hys ordynaunce, and the alter of incense,
30:28and the alter of burntsacrifyce and all his vessels, and the lauer and his fote.
30:29And sacrifice them that they maye be moste holye: so that no man touche them but they that be halowed.
30:30And anoynte Aaron and his sonnes and consecrate them to minister vnto me.
30:31And thou shalt speake vnto the children of Israell saiynge: thys shalbe an holye oyntynge oyle vnto me, thorowe out youre generations,
30:32No mans flesh shalbe anointed therwith: nether shall ye make any other after the makynge of it for it is holye, se therfore that ye take it for holye:
30:33whosoeuer maketh lyke that, or whosoeuer putteth anye of it vpon a straunger, shall peryshe from amonge hys people.
30:34And the Lorde sayd vnto Moses: take vnto the swete spices: stacte, onycha, swete galbanum and pure frankencens, of etche lyke much:
30:35and make cens of them compound after the crafte of the apoticarye, mingled together, that it may be made pure and holy.
30:36And beate it to powder and put it before the wytnesse in the tabernacle of wytnesse, where I wyll mete the,
30:37but let it be vnto you holye. And se that ye make none after the makyng of that, but let it be vnto you holye for the Lorde.
30:38And whosoeuer shal make lyke vnto that, to smel therto shall perysh from amonge his people.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.