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Matthew's Bible 1537



1:1The begynning of the gospell of Iesu Christ, the sonne of God,
1:2as it is written in the prophetes. Beholde, I send my messenger before thy face which shal prepare thy waye before the
1:3The voyce of a cryer in the wildernes prepare the waye of the Lord: make hys pathes strayghte.
1:4Iohn dyd baptyse in the wyldernes, and preache the baptisme of repentaunce: for the remissyon of synnes.
1:5And all the lande of Iury and they of Ierusalem wente out vnto him, & were all baptysed of hym in the riuer Iordan: confessyng theyr synnes.
1:6Iohn was clothed with camylles heare, & with a gerdyll of a skyn about hys loynes. And he dyd eate locustes, and wilde honey,
1:7& preached saiynge: a stronger then I commeth after me, whose shoe latchet I am not worthy to stoupe doune, and vnlose.
1:8I haue baptysed you with water: but he shal baptyse you with the holye ghost.
1:9And it came to passe in those dayes, that Iesus came from Nazareth, a citye of Galile: and was baptysed of Iohn in Iordan.
1:10And assone as he was come out of the water Iohn saw heauen open, and the holy ghost descendynge vpon him lyke a doue.
1:11And there came a voyce from heauen: Thou arte my dere sonne in whom I delyte.
1:12And immediatly the spirite draue hym into wyldernes,
1:13& he was there in the wyldernes .xl. dayes, and was tempted of Sathan, & was with wylde beastes. And the Aungels minystred vnto hym.
1:14After Iohn was taken, Iesus came into Galyle, preachynge the gospell of the kyngedom of God,
1:15and sayinge: the tyme is come, & the kyngdome of God is at hande, repente & beleue the Gospell.
1:16And as he walked by the sea of Galile, he saw Simon & Andrew hys brother, castyng nettes into the sea, for they were fishers.
1:17And Iesus sayde vnto them: folowe me, and I wyll make you fishers of men:
1:18And strayghtwaye they forsoke theyr nettes, and folowed hym.
1:19And when he had gone a lyttell further thence, he sawe Iames the sonne of Zebede, & Iohn hys brother, euen as they were in the shyppe mendynge theyr nettes.
1:20And anone he called them. And they left theyr father Zebede in the shyppe with hys hyred seruauntes, & went theyr waye after hym.
1:21And they entred into Capernaum: & straight waye on the Saboth dayes, he entred into the synagoge & taught.
1:22And they merueyled at hys learning. For he taught them as one that had power with hym, and not as the scrybes.
1:23And there was in theyr Synagoge a man vexed with an vncleane spirite, that cryed
1:24saiyng: let be: what haue we to do with the thou Iesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy vs, I knowe the what thou arte, euen the holye of God.
1:25And Iesus rebuked him, saying: hold thy peace, and come out of hym.
1:26And the vncleane spirite tare hym, & cryed with a loude voyce, and came out of hym.
1:27And they were al amased, in so muche that they demaunded one of another, amonge them selues saying: what thyng is thys? what newe doctryne is this? For he commaundeth the foule spirites with power, and they obeye hym.
1:28And immediatly hys fame spred abroade throughoute al the regyon borderynge on Galile.
1:29And forth with, assone as they were come out of the synagoge, they entred into the house of Simon and Andrew, with Iames and Iohn
1:30& Symons mother in law lay sicke of a fewer. And anone they told him of her.
1:31And he came and toke her by the hande, and lyfte her vp, & the fewer forsoke her by and by: and she ministred vnto them.
1:32And at euen when the sunne was doune, they brought to hym all that were dyseased, & them that were possessed with deuyls.
1:33And al the cytye gathered together at the dore,
1:34& he healed many that were sicke of dyuers dyseases. And he cast out manye deuyls, and suffered not the deuyls to speake, because they knew hym.
1:35And in the mornyng very early, Iesus arose and went oute into a solytarye place, & there prayed.
1:36And Simon and they that were wyth hym folowed after him.
1:37And when they had founde hym, they sayed vnto hym: al men seke for the.
1:38And he sayed vnto them: let vs go into the next townes, that I maye preach there also: for truely I came out for that purpose.
1:39And he preached in theyr synagoges, throughoute all Galile, and caste the deuyls out.
1:40And there came a leper to hym, besechinge hym, and kneled doune vnto hym, and sayde to hym: yf thou wylt, thou cannest make me cleane.
1:41And Iesus had compassyon on hym, and put forth hys hande, touched hym, & sayd to hym: I wyl, be thou cleane.
1:42And assone as he had spoken, immediatly the leprosy departed from hym, & he was clensed.
1:43And he charged hym, and sent him awaye forthwith
1:44and sayde vnto hym: Se thou say nothyng to any man: but get the hence, and shewe thy selfe to the priest, and offer for thy clensing, those thinges whiche Moyses commaunded, for a testimonial vnto them.
1:45But he (assone as he departed) beganne to tell many thynges, & to publyshe the dede: in so muche that Iesus coulde no more openlye enter into the citie, but was without in desert places. And they came to him from euerye quarter.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.