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Matthew's Bible 1537



18:1And the Lorde apeared vnto hym in the okegroue of Mamre as he sat in hys tent dore in the heate of the daye.
18:2And he lyfte vp hys eyes and looked: & lo, thre men stode not farre from him. And when he sawe them, he ran to mete them from the tent dore, & fel to the ground
18:3and sayde: Lord yf I haue founde fauoure in thy syght: go not by thy seruaunte.
18:4Let a lytle water be fet, and wash youre fete, and rest youre selues vnder the tree:
18:5And I wyll fet a morsell of breed, to comforte youre hartes withal. And than go your wayes, for euen therfore are ye come to youre seruaunt. And they answered: Do euen so as thou hast said.
18:6And Abraham went a pace in to hys tent vnto Sara and sayd: make redy attonce thre peckes of fyne meale, kneade it and make cakes.
18:7And Abraham ran vnto his beastes & fet a calfe that was tendre and good, & gaue it vnto a yonge man which made it redy attonce.
18:8And he toke butter and mylcke and the calf whyche he had prepared, and set it before them, and stode hym selfe by them vnder the tree: and they ate.
18:9And they sayd vnto hym: Where is Sara thy wyfe? And he sayde: in the tent.
18:10And he sayde: I wyll come agayne vnto the as sone as the frute can lyue. And loo: Sara thy wife shall haue a sonne. That hearde Sara, oute of the tent doore whyche was behynde hys backe.
18:11Abraham and Sara were both olde and well stryken in age, and it ceased to be wyth Sara after the maner as it is with wyues.
18:12And Sara laughed in her selfe sayinge: Now I am waxed olde, shall I geue my self to lust, and my Lorde olde also?
18:13Than sayd the Lord vnto Abraham: wherfore doth Sara laughte sayinge: shall I of a suertie bere a chylde, now when I am olde?
18:14is the thyng to harde for the Lorde to do? In the tyme appoynted wyll I returne vnto the, as sone as the frute can haue lyfe, and Sara shall haue a sonne.
18:15Than Sara denyed it sayinge: I laughed not, for she was afrayde. But he sayde: yes thou laughtest.
18:16Than the men stode vp from thence and loked toward Sodome. And Abraham went with them to brynge them on the way.
18:17And the Lord sayd: Can I hyde from Abraham that thyng whyche I am about to do,
18:18seynge that Abraham shal be a great & a myghtie people, & all the nacions of the erth shalbe blessed in him?
18:19For I know him that he wyl commaunde his chyldren & his houshold after him, that they kepe the way of the Lord, to do after ryght & conscience that the Lord may brynge vpon Abraham that he hath promysed hym.
18:20And the Lord sayd? The crye of Sodome and Gomorra is great, and their synne is excedynge greuous.
18:21I wyll go doune and sea whether they haue done all to gether acordynge to that crye which is come vnto me or not, that I may knowe.
18:22And the men departed thence & went to Sodome ward. But Abraham stode yet before the Lorde,
18:23& drewe nere and sayde. Wylt thou destroy the rightwes wt the wyked?
18:24If there be .l. ryghtwes wyth in the cyte, wylt thou destroy it & not spare the place for the sake of .l. rightwes that are therin?
18:25That be farre from the, that thou shuldest do after this maner, to sley the rightwes wt the wicked, & that the rightwes shuld be as the wicked: that be farre from the. Shulde not the iudge of all the worlde do acordynge to ryghte?
18:26And the Lorde sayde: If I fynde in Sodome .l. ryghtwes wythin the cytie, I wyll spare all the place for their sakes.
18:27And Abraham answered & sayd: behold I haue taken vpon me to speake vnto the Lord, & yet am but dust and asshes.
18:28What though there lacke .v. of .l. ryghtwes, wylt thou destroy al the cyte for lacke of .v.? And he sayde: If I fynde there .xl. and .v. I wil not destroy them.
18:29And he spake vnto hym yet agayn and sayd: what yf there be .xl. founde there. And he sayde: I wyll not do it for fourtyes sake.
18:30And he sayde: O let not my Lorde be angry, that I speake. What yf there be founde .xxx. there? And he sayde: I wyll not do it, yf I fynde .xxx. there.
18:31And he sayd: Oh, se, I haue begonne to speake vnto my Lorde, what yf there be .xx. found there? And he sayd: I wyll not destroye them for twenties sake.
18:32And he sayde: O let not my Lorde be angrye, that I speake yet, but euen once more oulye. What yf ten be found there? And he sayde: I wyll not destroy them for .x. sake.
18:33And the Lorde went hys waye as soone as he had left commimyng wyth Abraham. And Abraham returned vnto hys place.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.