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Matthew's Bible 1537



41:1And it fortuned at .ij. yeres ende that Pharao dreamed, & thought that he stode by a ryuers syde,
41:2and that there came out of the ryuer .vij. goodly kyne and fatflesshed, and fedd in a medowe,
41:3and hym thought that .vij. other kyne came vp after them out of the ryuer euel fauored and leane fleshed and stode by the other vpon the brynke of the ryuer.
41:4And the euyll fauored and leans flesshed kyne: ate vp the .vij. wel fauored and fat kyne: and he awoke there wyth.
41:5And he slepte agayne and dreamed the second tyme, that seuen eares of corne grewe vpon one stalke rancke and goodly.
41:6And that .vij. thynne eares blasted wyth the wynde, sprange vp after them:
41:7and that the .vij. thynne eares deuoured the .vij. rancke and full eares. And than Pharao awaked: & se, here is his dreame.
41:8When the mornynge came, hys sprete was troubled. And he sent and called for all the sothesayers of Egypte & al the wyse men therof, and tolde them his dreame: but there was none of them that coulde interpretate it vnto Pharao.
41:9Than spake the chefe buttelar vnto Pharao saying. I do remembre my faute thys daye.
41:10Pharao was angrye wt his seruauntes, & put in warde in the chefe marshals house both me & the chefe baker.
41:11And we dreamed both of vs in one nyght & ech mannes dreame of a sondrye interpretacion.
41:12And there was wyth vs a yonge man, an Hebrue borne, seruaunte vnto the chefe marshall. And we told hym, and he declared our dreames to vs accordynge to ether of oure dreames.
41:13And as he declared them vnto vs, euen so it came to passe. I was restored to myne office agayn, and he was hanged.
41:14Than Pharao sent & called Ioseph. And they made him haste out of preison. And he shaued him self and chaunged his rayment, and went in to Pharao.
41:15And Pharao sayde vnto Ioseph: I haue dreamed a dreame & no man can interpretate it, but I haue herde say of the that as sone as thou hearest a dreame thou dost interpretate it.
41:16And Ioseph answered Pharao saying: God shal geue Pharao an answere of peace without me.
41:17Pharao sayd vnto Ioseph: in my dreame me thought I stode by a ryuers syde,
41:18and there cam out of the ryuer .vij. fat fleshed and well fauored kyne, and fedde in the meddow.
41:19And then .vij. other kyne came vp after them, poore & very euell fauored & leane fleshed: so that I neuer sawe their lyke in all the lande of Egypte in euell fauordnesse.
41:20And the .vij. leane and euel fauored kyne eate vp the fyrste .vij. fat kyne.
41:21And when they had eaten them vp a man coulde not perceyue that they had eaten them: for they were styll as euyll fauored as they were at the begynnyng. And I awoke.
41:22And I sawe agayn in my dreame .vij. eares spring out of one stalke ful and good,
41:23and .vij. other eares wytherd, thynne an blasted wt wynde, sprynge vp after them.
41:24And the thynne eares deuowred the .vij. good eares. And I haue tolde it vnto the sothsayers, but no man can tell me what it meaneth.
41:25Then Ioseph sayde vnto Pharao: both Pharaos dreames are one. And God doth shewe Pharao what he is aboute to do.
41:26The seuen good kyne are .vij. yeres: & the seuen good eares: are seuen yeres also, and it is but one dreame.
41:27Likewyse the seuen thynne and euel fauored kyne that came out after them, are seuen yeres: and the .vij. emptye and blasted eares shalbe .vij. yeres of hunger.
41:28This is that whiche I sayde vnto Pharao, that god doth shewe Pharao what he is about to do.
41:29Beholde there shal come .vij. yere of great plenteousnes through oute all the lande of Egypte.
41:30And there shal aryse after them .vij. yeres of hunger. So that al the plenteousnes shalbe forgotten in the lande of Egypt. And the hunger shall consume the lande:
41:31so that the plenteousnes shall not be once a sene in the lande by reason of that hunger that shall come after, for it shalbe exceadynge greate.
41:32And as concernynge that the dreame was doubled vnto Pharao the seconde tyme, it betokeneth that the thynges is certanly prepared of God, and that God wyll shortlye brynge it to passe.
41:33Nowe therfore let Pharao prouyde for a man of vnderstandyng & wysdome, and set him ouer the land of Egypte.
41:34And let Pharao make offycers ouer the lande, & take vp the fyfte parte of the lande of Egypte in the .vij. plenteous yeres
41:35& let them gather all the foode of these good yeres that come, and lay vp corne vnder the power of Pharao, that there may be foode in the cyties,
41:36and there let them kepe it: that there maye be foode in stoore in the lande, agaynste the .vij. yeres of hunger whych shal come in the land of Egypte, and that the land perysh not thorow hunger.
41:37And the sayinge pleased Pharao & all his seruauntes.
41:38Than sayde Pharao vnto hys seruauntes: where shal we fynde soch a man as thys is, that hath the sprete of GOD in hym?
41:39wherfore Pharao sayde vnto Ioseph: for as moch as God hath shewed the al this, there is no man of vnderstandyng or of wysdome lyke vnto the.
41:40Thou therfore shalt be ouer my house, and acordyng to thy worde shall al my people obeye: only in the kynges seate wyll I be aboue the.
41:41And he sayde vnto Ioseph: beholde, I haue set the ouer all the lande of Egypte.
41:42And he toke of hys rynge from hys fyngre, and put it vpon Iosephs fyngre, and arayed him in rayment of bysse, & put a golden cheyne about hys neck
41:43& set him vpon the best charet that he had saue one. And they cryed before hym Abrech, & that Pharao had made him ruelar ouer al the land of Egypte.
41:44And Pharao said vnto Ioseph: I am Pharao, without thy wyll, shall no man lyfte vp ether his hand or fote in al the land of Egypte.
41:45And he called Iosephs name Zaphnath Paena. And he gaue him to wyfe Asnath the daughter of Putiphar preast of On. Than went Ioseph abrode in the lande of Egypte.
41:46And he was .xxx. yere olde when he stode before Pharao kyng of Egypte. And than Ioseph departed from Pharao, & went thorow out al the lande of Egypte.
41:47And in the .vij. plenteous yeres they made sheues
41:48& gathered vp all the fode of the .vij. plenteous yeres whych were in the lande of Egypte & put it in to the cyties. And he put the foode of the feldes that grewe rounde about euery cyte: euen in the same.
41:49And Ioseph layde vp corne in stoore, lyke vnto the sande of the sea in multitude out of mesure, vntyll he left nombrynge: For it was wyth out nombre.
41:50And vnto Ioseph were borne .ij. sonnes before the yeres of hunger came, which Asnath the doughter of Putiphar preast of On, bare vnto him.
41:51And he called the name of the fyrst sonne Manasse, for God (sayde he) hath made me forget all my laboure and all my fathers houshold.
41:52The seconde called he Ephraim, for God (sayde he) hath caused me to growe in the lande of my trouble.
41:53And when the .vij. yeres of plenteousnes that was in the land of Egypte were ended,
41:54than came the .vij. yeres of derth, acordyng as Ioseph had sayd. And the derth was in all landes: but in the lande of Egypte was there yet foode.
41:55When now all the lande of Egypt beganne to hunger, than cryed the people to Pharao for breade. And Pharao sayde vnto all Egypte: goo vnto Iosephe, and what he sayth to you that doo.
41:56And when the dearthe was throw out all the lande, Ioseph opened all that was in the cyties and solde vnto the Egypcyans. And hunger waxed sore in the lande of Egypte:
41:57And all countrees came to Egypte to Ioseph for to bye corne: bicause that the hunger was so sore in all the landes.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.