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Matthew's Bible 1537



45:1And Ioseph coulde no longer refraine before al them that stode about hym, but commaunded that they shuld go all out from hym, & that there should be no man with him, whyle he vttred him selfe vnto his brethren.
45:2And he wepte alowde, so that the Egypcians & the house of Pharao herd it.
45:3And he said vnto his brethren: I am Ioseph, doth my father yet lyue? But his brethren coulde not answere him, for they were abasshed at hys presence.
45:4And Ioseph sayd vnto his brethren: come nere to me, and they came nere. And he sayd: I am Ioseph youre brother whom ye solde in to Egypte.
45:5And nowe be not greued therwyth, nether let it seme a cruel thynge in your eyes, that ye sold me hyther. For god dyd send me before you to saue lyfe.
45:6For thys is the seconde yere of derth in the lande, and fyue mo are behynd in which there shall nether be earyng nor heruest.
45:7Wherfore god sent me before you to make prouisyon, that ye myghte continue in the erthe and to saue youre lyues by a greate delyuerance.
45:8So nowe it was not ye that sent me hyther, but god: and he hath made me father vnto Pharao and Lorde ouer al his house, & rueler in all the lande of Egypte.
45:9Hast you & goo to my father & tell hym, thys sayeth thy sonne Ioseph: God hath made me Lord ouer all Egypte. Come doune vnto me, and tarye not.
45:10And thou shalt dwell in the lande of Gosan and be by me: both thou and thy children, and thy chyldrens chylderen: and thy shepe, and beastes & all that thou hast.
45:11There wyll I make prouisyon for the: for there remayne yet .v. yeres of derth, lest thou and thy housholde and all that thou hast perysh.
45:12Beholde, youre eyes do se, and the eyes also of my brother Beniamyn, that I speake to you by mouth.
45:13Therfore tell my father of all my honoure wych I haue in Egypt and of all that ye haue sene, and make hast and brynge my father hyther.
45:14And he fell on his brother Beniamynes necke & wepte, and Beniamyn wepte on his necke.
45:15Moerouer he kissed all his brethren & wepte vpon them. And after that, his brethren talked with him
45:16And when the tydinges was come vnto Pharaos house that Iosephs bretheren were come it pleased Pharao wel & all his seruauntes.
45:17And Pharao spake vnto Ioseph: saye vnto thy brethren, this do ye: lade youre beastes & get you hence, And when ye be come vnto the lande of Canaan,
45:18take youre father and your housholdes & come vnto me, & I wyll geue you the best of the land of Egypte, and ye shall eate the fatt of the lande.
45:19And commaunded also. This do ye: take charretes wt you out of the lande of Egypte, for youre children and for your wyfes: and bryng your father and come.
45:20Also, regarde not youre stuff, for the goodes of al the land of Egypt shalbe youres.
45:21And the chyldren of Israel dyd euen so, And Ioseph gaue them charettes at the commaundement of Pharao, & gaue them vitayle also to spende by the way.
45:22And he gaue vnto eche of them chaunge of rayment: but vnto BenIamin he gaue .iij. hundred peces of syluer & .v. chaunge of rayment.
45:23And vnto his father he sent after the same maner .x. asses laden wyth good out of Egypt, & .x. she asses laden with corne, bred and meate: to serue hys father by the waye.
45:24So sent he hys brethren awaye, and they departed. And he sayd vnto them: se that ye fal not out by the way.
45:25And they departed from Egypt and came in to the land of Canaan vnto Iacob their father, & told him sayinge.
45:26Ioseph is yet a lyue and is gouerner ouer al the land of Egypte. And Iacobs hert wauered, for he beleued them not.
45:27And they tolde him all the wordes of Ioseph which he had sayde vnto them. But when he sawe the charettes whyche Ioseph had sent to carye hym, then hys sprites reuiued.
45:28And Israel sayde. I haue ynough, yf Ioseph my sonne be yet alyue: I wyll go and se hym, yer that I dye.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.